How To Brake On A Kick Scooter?

Braking is one of the most important safety features of a kick scooter. When a beginner is too focused on riding the scooter, he doesn’t understand how to stop when needed. I hope, you will get a complete idea about how to brake on a scooter from this article.

Learning how to stand, balance, push or steer on a kick scooter is challenging for beginners. A new scooter rider can master the scooter by any means. Because he is in the spirit of adventure. But braking doesn’t take into account or learn well. Due to this, it cannot brake properly when needed.

So if you want to drive a kick scooter on public roads and avoid accidents then you must know how to brake the scooter properly.

In this article, we will instruct detail about how to brake on a kick scooter so that you benefit.

Do kick scooters have brakes?

Kick scooters run at slow, medium, and fast speeds. So the running scooter needs to be stopped at some point. Yes, and every scooter has a brake to do this. These brakes are of various types such as pedal, hand brake, foot brake, V brake, foot brake, etc.

How To Brake on A Kick Scooter?

Manufacturers use different types of brakes for kick scooters. Training should be done on all types of brakes. Master the type of brake you feel most comfortable with. When buying a scooter choose the scooter with the brakes of your choice.                                                                                              

Generally, there are 5 types of brakes with scooters available in the market such as foot brake, handbrake, disc brake, V brake, and foot rubbing. Select the brake that you feel comfortable with. Be remember, a good brand and quality scooter with good brakes enhance your riding skills.

Here’s how to learn more about each brake and how to master it:

The foot brake is one of the most commonly used brakes

Foot Brake

The foot brake is one of the most commonly used brakes by kids and beginner scooter riders. Generally, the foot brake and hand brake use to stop a kick scooter. It stops the kick scooter by pressing on the rear wheel while standing on the scooter.

When a kick scooter needs to be stopped, applying slight pressure will cause the scooter to stop or slow down due to the friction of the wheels. Also, most kick scooters can be applied this brake system by adding a handbrake. Will be an expert if you practice regularly with a kick scooter including a foot brake.

Kick scooters can be brke easily with a foot brake. If you do this regularly, will damage the brakes and quickly wears out the rear wheel.

As we said first, you should practice with all types of scooters with brakes. As a result, you can ride a scooter with multiple brakes depending on the conditions. And it makes a rider more self-sufficient.

Hand Brake

Generally, not all types of kick scooters have hand brakes. However, most kick scooters have a foot brake as well as a hand brake. So keep this in mind while purchasing and selecting a kick scooter by looking at 2 options. The kick scooter hand brake is similar to the bicycle hand brake and must be used in the same way.

Having a hand brake on your scooter allows you to brake easily and quickly while maintaining balance. Maintaining balance is extremely important for a scooter rider. If you can’t maintain the balance, you have to fall into trouble. Hand brakes are generally better at maintaining balance than foot brakes.

Moreover, the hand brake allows the scooter to be braked easily and quickly without any damage. Regular use of the foot brake damages the rear wheel. This damage can be prevented by using the hand brake. Hand brakes should be cleaned regularly and checked before going out for good performance.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes should be used to stop the scooter while riding fast. Because the scooter cannot be easily stopped by hand brake or foot brake while riding fast. So select a disc brake kick scooter when you drive the scooter at high speed.

The technique of using disc brakes on a scooter is the same as on a bicycle. So you can easily and quickly stop the speeding scooter by pulling the brake lever like a bicycle.

Remember that kick scooters with disc brakes will ride and stop slowly. In this way gradually increase the speed and practice regularly to master the disc brakes.

V Brake

In general, the V-breaking technique is easy to use, powerful and safe. This is why scooters with V brakes are preferred by adult riders.

V brakes are used only on scooters with large wheels. This braking system is not normally used on smaller wheels. Apart from this, the V braking technique is useful and safe for long journeys.

Scooter Can Be Stopped by Rubbing the Foot on the Ground

Foot Rubbing

Usually, the scooter can be stopped by rubbing the foot on the ground while riding at slow or moderate speeds. This is the manual technique of stopping a scooter. This cannot be applied if you ride the scooter at high speed. For this reason, you can lose balance and fall into an accident.

On the other hand, stopping the scooter repeatedly in this technique will wear out your shoes and even damage your feet at times. So first learn the braking technique then ride the kick scooter on a public road.


In this article, I discussed how to brake on a kick scooter. Hope you benefited as a scooter rider and had a better understanding of speed, power, and safety.

However, you learn about all types of brake techniques under all riding conditions and decide which one you prefer. Now master the preferred technique by practicing it over and over again.

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