How To Balance On A Kick Scooter

A kick scooter is a great way to commute to school, college, neighborhood, or nearby office. Also, exercise and various types of pleasure can be enjoyed through kick scooters. For this reason, balance is so important while riding a scooter. So as a kick scooter rider you need to know how to balance on a kick scooter.

Before purchasing a kick scooter, you need to know about the quality, advantages, and disadvantages of different brands and their products. After that, select the one that you can ride with balance.

Balancing a kick scooter is a complex and time-consuming process. If you can’t maintain balance then you can’t ride happily, on the other hand, can even get into an accident. So you need to know how to balance on a kick scooter by practicing well. In this article, we have discussed in detail how to balance on a kick scooter:

How To Balance On A Kick Scooter – Scooter balance tips

While riding a kick scooter, there are many tricks to be mastered, one of which is balancing the body and the scooter at the same time. Follow the steps below to balance your body and scooter simultaneously

Find The Right Kick Scooter

First, you need to select a good quality kick scooter of a good brand so that you feel comfortable while riding it. A good brand and quality kick scooter will help you balance. On the other hand, it will prolong the life of your scooter.

Some other features like your height and handle height, deck width, braking system, rider load capacity, etc. should be considered while selecting a kick scooter. I hope you understand what will do when purchasing the kick scooter.

Find the Flat Surface

Balance the kick scooter by finding a flat surface and practicing. Because the kick scooter is designed based on flat surfaces. Therefore, you must find a flat surface to practice the balance of the kick scooter; otherwise, an accident may occur. Find a suitable flat surface near home and start practicing.

Wear Complete Safety Gear

You must use safety gear to avoid accidents when practicing balancing on a kick scooter. Some of them are helmets, knee and elbow pads, and gloves that will help you avoid accidents. Keep practicing balance on your scooter until mastered. If you need more safety gear like riding Goggles, clothing, shoe, etc please use them.

Use Safety Gear to Avoid Accidents

Get in Position

After finding a suitable flat surface, you need to take a position on the scooter. Position your body on the kick scooter with feet shoulder-width apart and your heels hanging over the edge of a flat surface. Now when everything is done, lean back a little and place your hands on your hips.

Hold The Handlebar

Hold the handlebar carefully and lean your body forward to balance the scooter. Now keep your head straight and look forward to ensuring your safety. If you lose balance while running, gently pull on the handlebars to regain stability.

Slowly Push Off

Now slowly push off the flat surface with your proper foot and start riding. Lean your body in the right direction to maintain your balance and keep your weight centered. Now, if you lose balance while running, lean in the opposite direction and use your legs to regain balance.

Lean Into the Scooter

Balancing can be difficult when stopping the scooter at the end of your ride. So to prevent accidents, angle the body properly and distribute your weight evenly on both legs. Do this repeatedly during practice to stop the scooter with proper balance and avoid accidents.

Place Your Feet on the Scooter

Foot position plays an important role in balancing the kick scooter. Place your toes straight ahead on the scooter’s deck and place your feet at a 45-degree angle. If you lose balance while the scooter is moving, shift your weight from one foot to the other to regain balance.

Balance On The Tip Of Your Toes

You have to hold onto the scooter’s deck with your toes, much like a tree root. This will help balance the scooter and prevent it from falling off the scooter. So hold onto the handlebars with your hands for balance and grip the deck with your toes like tree roots.

Try To Move Around Maintaining Balance

One of the most important things in balancing on a scooter while practicing is to move around frequently. This keeps your feet pointed forward and your body aligned with the scooter to keep you balanced.

Balancing on a Scooter

Shift Your Weight Now

While balancing the scooter, keep your center of gravity above the center of the scooter.

Practice is the key to success

The more you practice, the better you will become at balancing the scooter. So, practice regularly to become proficient which will make long journeys enjoyable.


Our article on how to balance on a kick scooter will help you ride safely with balance. Following these tips, practice balance regularly and move around frequently to stay safe.

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