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How to Put Air in Electric Scooter Tire – Tips

How to Put Air in Electric Scooter Tire – Tips

Generally, 2 types of tires are used in scooters such as inflatable and solid which are made of rubber. Some kick scooters have pneumatic tires. But most electric scooters have pneumatic tires. Proper tire pressure is essential to get the best performance from the scooter. Tires must be properly inflated to prevent frequent flats. Apart

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Do You Need A Helmet To Ride A Kick Scooter On Road

Do You Need A Helmet To Ride A Kick Scooter On Road?

While riding a kick scooter there is a chance of accidents as the scooter has to be driven on the road ignoring various obstacles. Traffic jams, uneven roads, high speed, etc. can cause you to fall off the scooter and get a head injury. So the question may arise, do you need a helmet to

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