Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter Review

Razor Pro Rds dirt scooter is the ultimate pick for people who want to go wild like a pro rider. The scooter design, construction, features, and quality make it a quite tough competitor to other dirt scooters in the market. Both normal and aggressive riding is safer with this particular addition of Razor. If your kid is older than ten years, you can call it a deal. However, it’s just giving a check on the razor pro-RDS dirt scooter review. After all, knowing all the pros and cons and feature details keeps a massive impact.

Although Razor is a reputed company, your needs and requirements can only make it perfect for you. Especially when you’re taking any scooter for rough riding that most dirt scooters are for, and you better pick the best. 

So, make sure you get everything about the scooter and its necessities before purchasing. 

Razor pro rds dirt scooter review

Razor pro rds dirt scooter review

Razor pro ride scooter is the perfect scooter for off-road riding. People older than ten years old and who hold a weight of 220 pounds can rely on this scooter. So, if you’re an adult with such height, you can use this as well.

Dirt scooters are meant to ensure both fun and safety. The rigid construction of wheels and gears, heavy aluminum frame, comfortable deck and grips will give you an off-road riding experience. If you’re a rough rider, this will certainly suit your lifestyle.

However, the scooter comes in the color of red and unisex as well. If a child keeps interested in adventurous riding and has turned 10, you can consider it as a perfect giftable scooter.

Tech Features:

Razor pro rds scooter has got two wheels with a 200 mm pneumatic structure. Such solid tires are reliable enough and last more than five years even after regular rough riding. The scooter frame material is made of high-quality aluminum. So, you can expect heavy-duty performance without doing any damage. 

If you’re concerned about safety, it has got a classic rear fender brake. It has all got a triple stacked clamp that makes sure the scooter is more stable. You’re getting fixed riser Y-styled handlers and a soft and comfortable grip for long-term riding.

This handlebar has got 495 mm x 510 mm. The product dimension is 34.1 x 34.2 x 20 inches; 14.1 Pounds. The deck dimension is 120 mm x 530 mm. The maximum capacity of the bike is 220 lb for regular riding and 120 lbs for off-road riding.

Benefits & Efficiency:

Razor pro rds scooter is a durable and reliable option. This scooter doesn’t come pre-assembled. But it is super quick to assemble and will probably take 5 minutes. The tough aluminum construction will get you a smooth and reliable riding performance. In the long run, you can expect the worthiness of the bucks you spent. At least your kid and you go smooth for 10 miles straight. 


  • Durable And reliable scooter construction.
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Unisex scooter
  • Maximum sturdy for offside riding


  • The wheels are big and make it difficult for sidewalks

The Razor pro rds dirt scooter is a wise choice regarding the safety, appearance, and durable and reliable material. Just order the scooter, assemble it in minutes and start on with your adventurous offside riding. 

What to look for on a Dirt Scooter? : Buying Guide

You can’t just pick any random dirt scooter and expect smooth riding. For getting smooth, reliable and durable performance, you need to consider a few things. No matter what scooter you’re getting, try to check on these facts first. 

Let’s give a check on these things, and you can even consider this as a buying guide of dirt scooters:

Height & Weight:

The scooter dimension should always be the first considerable thing. Even when you’re purchasing a dirt scooter as a present, check on the height and weight. The dimension should be accessible for riding smoothly. Lighter dirt scooters are certainly the better pick as they will go faster and easier to handle both for regular and rough use.


Your dirt scooter material quality should be reliable enough. Solid aluminum materials are always super durable enough. So, consider checking on the frame material of the scooter for a better experience. 


Handlebars are another most vital thing to find in a dirt scooter. From the material, height and control, everything is needed for handlebars. The better handlebar is, the better grip and brake control while riding you’ll receive.  


The first scooter wheels should be two times more reliable than regular scooters. As you’ll be riding rough, any average quality wheels should not be a wise choice here. The large wheels are good to go beyond obstacles. 


Your dirt scooter deck should be wide enough. Besides, it should be built with high-grade material for going well in the long run.


Your dirt scooter should be higher in quality and reliability for your budget. So, compare your price range and find the best one to get the smoothest performance. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of wheels do razor dirt scooters have?

Razor dirt scooters are comparatively big enough and made of a rubber-type material. The pneumatic dirt tires are reliable and go rough and hassle-free for five hours. 

Is the razor dirt scooter for off-road riding?

Yes, a razor dirt scooter seems to be the ideal choice for off-road riding. The tires, handlebars, and frame seem strong enough to deal with rough roads. 

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Final Verdict 

Razor pro rds dirt scooter review here showed you the scooter details in every perspective. If you’re interested in purchasing good quality, in-budget dirt scooter, consider giving it a big shot. Both children and you can use this dirt bike and expect a pretty adventurous experience. Also, don’t forget to follow the buying guide to find the best dirt scooter on your budget.

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