How To Remove Speed limiter On Mobility Scooter?

Who uses mobility scooters?

The mobility scooter is one of the best essential moving cars for adults, disabled and senior citizens. They move independently without the support of anyone and fulfill their everyday simple needs. The mobility scooter is made for specialized citizens; it’s highly optimized to ensure a secure ride. For this reason, the speed of the mobility scooters is limited to a smaller range like 5 to 7 mph. Occasionally, you need to reach the target place within a short time or may want to enjoy faster speed from the mobility scooter. That is why; you will need to know how to remove speed limiter on mobility scooter.

This article guided you to remove the speed limiter without any issues or damage. Let’s go, we know the details step by step from this article.

mobility scooter speed limit

What is the Speed Limiter on mobility scooter?

An electric speed limiter is a safety device that limits the maximum speed of an e-scooter on the road that you cannot exceed if you want. The electric speed limiter configuration is specific software that indicates different mileage per point. The speed limiter set adds to a scooter during the period of manufacturing.

In general, the mobility scooter feature is beneficial as it reduces the chances of injuries in the senior citizen by over speed. The speed limiter of the mobility scooters is limited to 5 to 7 mph. For any reason, you have to need more speed and then remove the speed limit. However, if you intend to remove the speed limiter, you perform some procedures. ,m

Method for how to remove speed limiter on mobility scooter

The speed limiter of mobility scooters is essential for road safety. Fur emergency, sometimes need more speed to reach the target place in time. Most of the model speed limiters can be removed but some models are restricted. 

However, we will describe the way how you can remove the speed controller from your e-scooter by following three essential steps-

Method 1: Make the Speed Limiter Disabled

You can remove the speed controller with the speed limiter disabled as per the first method. So, you can disable the speed controller as per the following steps-

  • To turn off the scooter display.
  • At a time, press the electric brake.
  • Again, turn the display on, and it will display the present speed limit level. For example- L1, to L5. 
  • Now, the speed limit is to be increased or decreased with the set button as per your requirement.
  • Check the above furnish steps again, if all above is ok then press the set or “S” button to set the speed limit. Now finished the all changing and ready for the drive.

Method 2: Remove the Speed Limit Completely

The speed limit controller of the mobility scooter can be moved permanently according to the following steps.

  • To turn your scooter display.
  • Pressing the mobility scooter brake at a time.
  • Now press the power on button and the display shows “P.”
  • After that, you have to move the “P1” to “P3” by the set (light) button.
  • Check the above furnish steps again, if all above is ok then press the set or “S” button. Now finished the all changing and ready for the drive.

Method 3: Flash the Speed Limiter

It is a little bit difficult to flash the speed limiter. So, you need to know about it and do it perfectly. Otherwise, your scooter can fall to be ineffective.

First, you need to know about the software which is set with the scooter and also read the manufacturer’s catalog. If you have confidently gathered knowledge about the software and can rewrite then you will rewrite the scooter speed limit from 30km to 31km per hour. It’s a great job and is extremely impressive.

Advantages of Removing Speed Limiter 

There are various types of benefits that you will get right after removing the speed limiter from your e-scooter. Let’s see what those advantages are-

  • Get Better Performance
  • Save time in terms of high speed.
  • Reduce extra electric bill with a single charge
  • Participate in different social activities.
  • Meet up emergency issues

The disadvantage of Removing the Speed Limiter

  • Speed control difficult
  • Increase the chances of injuries
  • Need driving lenience for over speed


In general, Senior citizens, injured people or disabled people use mobility scooters. So, mobility made with limited speed safe them from accidents while driving. 

If you used a mobility scooter when injured but are now released from injury and you wanted to usage for daily needs. Then you will be interested to remove the speed limiter but the manufacturer will disallow the warranty. Hope you knew from this article “how to remove speed limiter on mobility scooter”. 

However, I do not advise you to emulate this method unless you are an expert. 

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