How to Make Kick Scooter Faster

Do you want to enjoy a short distance trip? Then, a kick scooter will be a better solution for you. This scooter is a very popular mode of daily commutes. Riding a kick scooter is very easy as well as time-saving. To enjoy your scooter ride you may want to know how to make kick scooter faster? So, stay tuned as we are describing a penny for our thoughts about it in this article

Kick Scooter Faster

How to Make Kick Scooter Faster?- Tips, Tricks, and Features to Consider

There are some tips, tricks, and features that can help you to make yourself a pro scooters rider as well as make your kick scooter faster. So, let’s get started.

01. Careful Choice of Kick Scooters

There are many different types of scooter models and brands are available in the market. Before buying, you must check and consider the scooter’s features and functions strictly unless you want to get a fraud. You should experience or have a piece of knowledge about the scooter model you are buying.

A perfect scooter is very important to make it faster. So, have a careful choice, is this kick scooter according to your expectation, or not? The things you should check are- body materials, weight, height, durability, transportation, storage, easy-adjust handlebars, rear-fender brake or rear fender friction brake, perfect wheels, perfect deck, safety, etc.

02. Using Appropriate Kick Scooter

Using an appropriate kick scooter is very important to become a faster scooter rider. In this case, you must choose a scooter that is appropriate to your age, height, weight, and physical ability. For example, if you are an adult but using a kids kick scooter, then it can be a barrier in making your scooter faster. So, be conscious about it.

03. Accurate Driving and Body Positioning

There are two important subjects while riding a kick scooter, and they are:

  • Accurate Driving: You must clear that- are you handling a kick scooter, or the scooter handling you? So, before you learn to make your scooter fast, then first you have to learn to drive it accurately. After it, you can learn to make it faster but safely. Don’t ride too fast as it can be dangerous for both you and your scooter, as well as the other people around you.
  • Body Positioning: You can never drive a kick scooter accurately if you are not in the perfect position while riding it. You have to bend your legs a little on the scooter. Your shoulders and arms must be flexible, and then lean forward and get a desired high speed.

04. Strong Kick

If you kick the scooter strongly you will get the speed from it as well as a long ride also. In this case, it depends on your energy or how strong you are. Athletes or a pro scooter rider can get a desired high-speed from it.

Keep one leg on the scooter and use the other leg to kick the scooter. As much as you kick the scooter strongly, as much as you will get the high speed. But use the scooter safely.

05. Handlebars with Correct Height and Width

Handlebars with the correct height and width according to your height is very important. In this case, the height of the handlebars should be in between hip and waist when you are on the deck. Again, the handlebars with the correct height and width according to your weight are also important as your body’s whole pressure or weight is applied to it while you are riding the kick scooters.

06. Flexible Shoe

Flexible shoes will be more enjoyable for you while riding a kick scooter as well as they can help you to make your kick scooter faster. Not only this, flexible shoes are more comfortable and energy-saving than hard shoes while riding a scooter or doing any physical work.

07. Alternating Legs While Riding

The leg that you keep on the deck is called the planting leg, and the leg that you use to kick the scooter is called the kicking leg. Alternate your legs while riding a kick scooter as using the same leg all time can make you tired, uncomfortable, slow or you can also face pain in the leg that you use to kick the scooter. So, keep alternating your planting leg and kicking leg to make your scooter faster.

08. Replacing Wheels

Wheels are an important part of your kick scooters. Using poor-quality wheels can slow down your scooter. So, use high-quality wheels to have desired high speed in your scooter ride. If you notice that your scooter slows down then replace the wheels. Even if you see it doesn’t cure, then check the other scooter parts that can make it slower, then replace that or cue that.

09. Proper Maintenance of Scooter

After buying a high-quality scooter, now the responsibility of taking care of it is up to you. Now the scooter’s durability depends on how much you maintain it. Regular washing, keeping it clean, keeping it away from rain and cold, replacing its poor working parts, curing it if it is not working properly, etc all are called proper maintenance of your scooter.

You have to keep in mind that only a properly maintained thing can give you the proper result otherwise it won’t work properly or be ruined totally. So, to make your kick scooter you have to maintain it properly.

Street Condition

10. Street Condition

In the above, we have only talked about the scooter tips that can help you to make it faster. But now the one thing that you have to keep in mind is that the street condition is the key point here. If you are riding your kick scooter in a very rough street, then it will be very hard for you to ride it faster. A smooth, plain, and polished road will be best to ride a kick scooter faster and comfortably.

11. Using Electric Kick Scooters

If you are not even satisfied with the speed of your kick scooter, then you can turn your ordinary kick scooter into an electric-powered scooter by placing an electric-powered motor, or battery into it. You can also buy an electric scooter instead of it. To get desired high-speed you need an e-scooter with a powerful battery as well as a good e-scooter model.

Final Thoughts

After reading the above article, now you know how to make your kick scooters faster. Now be enjoy the faster scooter ride than ever in your life. Break a leg! But don’t cross the limit as it can be dangerous for both you and your scooter as well as other people.

I hope this article helped you in getting your question’s answer. But even if you have any questions or curiosity about it, then let us know about it through the comment section below.

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