How To Increase Speed of Electric Scooter – Tips

Do you want to enjoy a scooter trip? Then, an electric scooter will be a better solution for you. Riding an electric scooter is very easy as well as time and energy saving. To enjoy your scooter ride you may want to know how to increase speed of electric scooter? Voila! as we are describing it in this article.

How to increase speed of Electric scooter?- Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

There are some tips, tricks, and hacks that can help you to make yourself a pro scooter rider as well as increase the speed of your e-scooter. So, let’s get started and know how to increase speed of scooter?

01. Careful Choice of e-scooter

There are different types of scooter models and brands available in the market. Before purchasing, you must carefully check and consider the scooter’s features and functions unless you want to get a fraud. You should experience or have a piece of thought about the model you before buying.

Have a careful choice about it. Is this e-scooter is in according to your expectation, or not? The things you should check are- body materials, weight, height, speed, durability, transportation, storage, easy-adjust handlebars, perfect wheels, perfect deck, perfect motor, perfect battery, safety, etc.

02. Using Appropriate e-scooter

In this case, you must choose an e- scooter that is appropriate to your age, height, weight, physical ability. For example, if you are an adult but using kids e-scooter, then it can be a barrier in making your scooter faster. So, be conscious about this.

Accurate Driving and Body Positioning

03. Accurate Driving and Body Positioning

There are two important subjects while riding an e-scooter, and they are:

  • Accurate Driving: You must be clear about- are you handling an e-scooter, or the scooter handling you? So, before you learn to make your scooter faster, first you have to learn to drive it accurately. After it, you can learn how to make it faster but safely. Don’t ride too fast as it can be dangerous for both you and your e-scooter, as well as the other people around you.
  • Body Positioning: The safest position is to place both feet on the deck of the scooter, one in front of the other. Hang the hind ankle on the rear “stomp” brake. Don’t stand against the stem of the handlebars – the front foot should be in about the middle of the deck. Your arms should extend with a slight bend at the elbow, both hands must hold the handlebar.

04. Handlebars With Correct Height and Width

The height of the handlebars must be in between hip and waist when you are standing on the deck. Again, the handlebars with the perfect height and width according to your weight are also important as your body’s whole weight pressure is applied to it, while you are riding the e-scooter.

05. Remove the e-scooter speed limiter

There is a speed limiter fixed in your electric scooter that is used to keep the speed in a limited range. If you want to enjoy a high-speed scooter ride then first you have to remove that. Now you may think- why is the speed-limiter is used that hampers a scooter rider from riding the scooter fast? or what’s its function?

An e-scooter is faster than you imagine! So, sometimes it can be risky for both you and your scooter as well as other people around you. Again, in most countries, it is prohibited to ride an e-scooter faster than its limitation. For all these reasons, the scooter manufacturers fixed a speed limiter in their e-scooters.

Now even if you want to enjoy the high-speed by removing the scooter’s speed limiter, then you must know how to remove it. Different e-scooters have different functional systems. So, there are many ways to remove it. However, we are mentioning two common ways to do it and they are:

  • Disable the speed- limiter from the electric scooter display.
  • Rewrite or flash the main controller software of the electric scooter.

Be careful while removing the speed-limiter as you can be hurt. Know about the e-scooter functional system deeply before doing it.

06. Modify the Firmware

Some electric scooters have a speed limit program in software or settings. This can be turned off by the setting of the software. In other cases, it can be turned off by uploading various software to the scooter.

Scooter’s original firmware is usually modified by other users. Download the modified version – it will speed up the scooter. When the constant power of the motor is increased, it usually gets more torque and higher speed.

If you live in a hot area, you should carefully monitor the temperature of your scooter while using an app. Once you increase the constant power of the motor, the temperature of the scooter will increase.

07. Charge the Battery 100% before Riding

Charge your e-scooter battery 100% before riding it. It will only not let you enjoy a long-time scooter trip but also not slow down quickly. In this way, you can enjoy a faster scooting trip.

08. Renew Battery

Renew your scooter’s battery as much of your speed depends on the battery. If your scooter has been around for a few years and you notice any problem in the e-scooter speed, then your battery may have been overused. It will be much better and cheaper than buying another new scooter.

09. Upgrade the Existing Battery

It is the battery as well as the motor power that determines how fast the scooter will go. These batteries are usually available at 24-48 volts. The voltage varies from one model to another. Nevertheless, 24-volt batteries are commonly used in most units. You need to replace the current battery with a better version. If you want a strong charge that will help you push the vehicle to maximum speed, you should make sure you have a strong battery.

But you must be careful. This is a little risky process that can make or break your scooter if something goes wrong. After replacing the existing battery with the upgrade version, you may not know whether the speed of the e-scooter will increase or the machine will burn out. If you replace a 24-volt battery with a 48-volt one, you can overload the controller. It could burn your precious scooter! Instead of speeding up, you will eventually destroy the machine!

Then what’s the solution? Connect the battery to the motor, then remove the controller. Alternatively, re-program your device to feed the engine by a high voltage. Again, be careful. If you do not employ some technical skills, you may lose out on trying to speed up your scooter.

10. Add Extra Batteries

Have you ever noticed that your scooter usually moves faster at the beginning of the ride than during the ride? This happens when the machine runs out of battery.

The solution is: just add an extra battery, and you will maintain a long-time high scooter speed. In the markets, some e-scooter models come with a slot for an extra battery.

If this is the case, you only need to connect two batteries so that the machine runs on a lot of power. Compared to the previous option, it is much safer. Instead of messing with the battery, you will power the vehicle by adding another power source.

Note that there are some difficulties. For one, the scooter may become heavier and less maneuverable when you try to carry it. It will also take a longer time to reach full charge.

By adding two more batteries to the existing battery you can speed up your scooter without recharging and cover long distances. But it will be hard to achieve. Connecting three batteries together would be more difficult. Think twice before taking this option as it could be risky as the scooter will also become heavy, and the suspension area will go overworked.

11. Change the Sprockets

If you want to get more miles per hour, try this: Resize the sprocket. How? To lengthen the front sprockets and change the smaller back sprockets This simple technique will speed up the machine. Moreover, since you can buy cheap sprocket. However, you need some technical knowledge to do this without calling for help.

12. Replace or Renew the Motor

Renew or replace your e-scooter motor as the scooter runs by it. If you notice any problem with the scooter, then check the motor. If you find any problem with it, then renew or replace it soon. It will be much better and cheaper than buying another new e-scooter.

Upgrade Motor

13. Upgrade the Motor

One common way to increase the speed of your scooter is to upgrade its motor as the better the motor, the better the speed. Just like your battery, there are different types of motors with different capacities to choose from Also, similar to a battery replacement, you will want to make sure that your motor is perfectly-rated for your scooter’s power.

Unfortunately, if you add an over-powered motor to your existing rig, you can burn out the batteries as soon as you turn on the scooter. It also puts you at risk of fire, which is why it is always best to choose batteries and motors that are at the same level.

14. Rewind the Motor

Rewinding the motor can be beneficial whenever the motor is overheated. When overheated, the coils usually become smaller. For good torque, you need to increase the windings. Since this method is very effective in increasing the speed of electric scooters, many riders usually use it.

Be careful! The procedure is a bit risky. So you may need a technician or technical knowledge about it. Otherwise, your e-scooter can get a series of shortcuts that endanger your scooter. Yes, spend a little money on hiring a professional – in the end, it will save your machine!

15. Replace or Renew the Wheels

Renew your e-scooter battery as much of your speed depends on the battery. If your scooter has been around for a few years and you notice any problem in the e-scooter speed, then your battery may have been overused. It will be much better and cheaper than buying another new scooter.

16. Turn off or remove unneeded mechanical electronics

Turn off the unnecessary machines as it will waste the battery power uselessly. For example- turn off the lights of the scooter in the morning. Remove unneeded mechanical electronics as it will make your scooter heavier.

17. Add new or extra Mechanical Features

Add new or extra features to enjoy your scooter trip more. Only add those features that are needed or enjoyable and speed up your scooter.

18. Reduce Unnecessary Load

Reduce load as much as possible. Don’t keep unnecessary things on it as it will get heavier because of it and slow down.

Street Condition

19. Street Condition

In the above, we have only discussed the scooter tips that can help you to make it faster. But now the one thing that you have to keep in mind is that the street condition is the key point here in this case. If you are riding your electric scooter in a very rough street, then it will be very hard for you to go faster. A smooth, plain, and polished road will be a better terrain to ride it faster and comfortably.

20. Proper Maintenance of Scooter

After buying a high-quality scooter, now the responsibility of taking care of it is on you. Now the scooter’s durability depends on how much you maintained it. Regular washing, keeping it clean, keeping it away from rain and cold, replacing its poor working parts, curing it if it is not working properly, etc all are the proper maintenance of your e-scooter.

You have to keep in mind that only a properly maintained thing can give you the proper result otherwise it won’t work properly or be damaged totally. So, to make your e-scooter faster,  you have to maintain it properly.

Final Thoughts

After reading the above article, now you know how to increase speed of electric scooter? Now enjoy the faster scooter ride than ever in your life. All the best! But don’t cross the limit as it can be dangerous for both you and your scooter as well as other people.

I hope this article helped you in getting your question’s answer. But even if you have any questions or curiosity about it, then let us know about it by the comment section below.

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