How To Fold a Razor Scooter – 4 Simple Steps

Razor scooter is one of the renowned brands worldwide as well as fun tools for kids, teenagers, and adults. They committed to manufacturing quality scooters as well as fixing reasonable prices for the consumers with safety issues. The Razor scooters are user-friendly, well-engineered, and durable to secure a smooth riding experience. They manufacture both foldable and non-foldable scooters so that the rider can easily store or transport them as needed. As a rider, you have to know how to fold a razor scooter and store it properly.

In addition, if you want to fold a razor scooter, first you will need to check the components, clean the scooter body and ensure it’s void of rust. Finally, you have to need to assure that all components are in a suitable working condition.

How to fold up a razor scooter

How to fold up a razor scooter?

As per our experience, I am going to discuss how to fold a razor scooter in some easy steps.  

01. Clean and check the components

  • A: Clean the components
  • B: Check the components before folding.

Before folding the scooter, its components should be tested so that does not rust. Scooters are usually made of metal and plastic, so they need to be cleaned carefully and properly.

Clean Components:-

  • For Plastic: Clean off those plastic components with a soft cloth and clean water.
  • For Metal: Use oil for the metal part and spray lubricate on the lever to work well and prevent rust.

Check Components: Now check all components and if it’s okay then go next steps.

02. Slide-Out The Grips

  • Push the button and slide the grips.
  • Now slide out the grips.

Note: Don’t apply for the fixed handlebar.

The foldable razor scooters have a T-tube handlebar and a grip at each end of the handle. The rough terrain of grip will prevent your hand from slipping off. In addition, the grips are designed to give your hands the best traction

There are some pushes releases buttons attach around the t-bar. Now, push the release buttons which are on the T-tube, and slide out 2 grips from the scooter’s other components.

03. Slide down the Handlebar 

  • Release the steering quick lever and push a high adjustment button at a time.
  • Now slide down the upper steering.
  • Tight the steering clamp and lock the button.

The T-tube is the most significant component of a scooter. It holds the grips and other components together. T-tube is divided into 2 parts, in the middle has a clamp and quick release lever that adjust the height.

Now unclamp it using the quick-release lever and push down the upper part of the T-tube. After the handlebar of the razor scooter is collapsed and the handlebar of the scooter will become smaller.

Complete the Fold

04. Complete the Fold

  • Bottom lever release
  • Folding the handlebar
  • Again lock the release lever after folding complete
  • complete the fold

This is the final step where you complete the job accurately. Now hold the razor scooter upside-down with one hand as well as push the bottom joint release lever gently using your spare hand. After that, the handlebars will be folded along the deck of the scooter. Make sure to lock all the moving parts before carrying or transportation.


The razor scooter won’t fold! The Razor Company manufactures both fold and non-fold scooters. Your razor scooter will fold if you purchase a foldable scooter.

It can be confusing how to fold a scooter if you have no previous experience with it. However, you can understand how to fold a razor scooter after reading this article. For additional assistance, follow the Instructions for the razor product manual.

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