Can You Bring a Kick Scooter on a Plane?

You or your child has a kick scooter that helps to enjoy the ride as well as going to the playground, school, or office. A kick scooter with you makes the trip more enjoyable when traveling by air on vacation. Even, a kick scooter will help your child to pass the time happily and forget the fear while flying through the air in an airplane. And to enjoy this pleasure, you need to know, can you bring a kick scooter on a plane?

Plane Rule

Can You Bring A Kick Scooter On A Plane (Planes Rules)?

To answer this question you need to know the different policies of the airlines you fly with. Generally, most airlines allow kick scooters subject to certain conditions but some airlines do not allow scooters. First, know the policies of the airlines then book to go on a plane with a scooter.

Every airline has international common rules of flight as well as some exception rules based on safety. What is allowed and what is prohibited will be given in detail in these rules. However, most airlines allow carry-on small, foldable, lightweight items. These items are laptops, carry-on bags, foldable kick scooters, etc. So, find the right airline that allows foldable kick scooters before booking.

Let us know how to pack a kick scooter for air travel according to the conditions.

How to take a scooter on the plane according to the rules of the airlines?

Before booking a plane ticket, keep the following things in mind so that you can enjoy traveling with a foldable kick scooter.

Step 1: Check the Regulations of the Airline You Are Flying With

Apart from the international policy, some other conditions are added to the manual according to each airline’s own country’s rules and passenger capacity. Generally, you may not get specific rules for traveling with a scooter on smaller planes but you can on larger planes. So if you want to travel with a scooter, you need to fly with a major airline like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, or Southwest Airlines.

However, if you want to enjoy air travel with a scooter, check the airline’s rules and regulations before packing your kick scooter. Hence, to know the rules and regulations of the airlines before travel, one should contact their office or check their website.

Step 2: Check the Scooter Size and Weight

In addition to traveling with a scooter on a plane, be aware that each airline has regulations regarding the size and weight of passengers’ carry-on luggage.

So, while buying a kick scooter, the issue of traveling with a scooter on a plane should be kept in mind. In this case, foldable scooters are easily available depending on the size and weight of the carry-on luggage, but some non-folding scooters are also suitable for carry-on luggage.

Step 3: Pack Your Scooter

Before packing the scooter, follow the following points carefully. So that there is no damage to the scooter during the plane journey.

  • 01. The luggage must be of the right size.
  • 02. The inside of the luggage must be padded.
  • 03. Secure the wheels properly.
  • 04. Check zippers and locks.
  • 05. Check the handle.
  • 06. Always pack the scooter by yourself rather than giving it to children


It can be a challenging task to find the right planes that can allow traveling including a kick scooter. But if you can do it, air travel including a scooter will be much more enjoyable. At the end of the day, select the right flight after communicating with the plane representative and travel including a kick scooter. In this case, the detailed information of the respective aircraft should be known from their website.

Can you bring a kick scooter on a plane? Yes, you can travel with a kick scooter on a plane. From this article, you have understood and know how to find the right plane.



Can you bring a razor scooter on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a Razor scooter on the plane as per the rules and regulations of certain airlines. In this article, we have discussed this in detail and hope it will help you while traveling with a kick scooter on the plane. Note that there are some special provisions for electric scooters that you need to know.

How much does it cost to bring a scooter on the plane?

A passenger may carry one piece of baggage of a specified size and weight on the plane free of charge. That is, the cost of bringing a scooter on a plane depends on the size and weight of the scooter’s luggage. If the baggage size and weight are high then airlines will charge extra as per their fare rules.

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