Wooden Scooter for 1 Year Old

Your baby’s first scooter is always particular. It’s going to create a lifetime memory in your family photo album. Of course, you want it to be safe as well as attractive. After all, your baby should fall in love with its first scooter. Wooden scooters are suitable to be balanced and seem cute as well. Wooden scooters are the perfect choice for your baby’s learning days. There are a lot of wooden scooter manufacturers with innovative features. 

Most parents don’t get enough time for quality research and purchase some random basic scooter. Well, you should not do that. If you are exhausted from searching for the wooden scooter for 1 year old baby, give a pause here. Give a quick check over the article, and hopefully, it’s going to help to choose the best scooter for your baby. 

Top 3 wooden scooter for 1 year old Reviews

What if you get a complete list of the best wooden scooters available in the market? You don’t need to waste a lot of time or energy. Here you should give a quick check over the wooden scooter for toddlers also. Go through the reviews and find the best wooden scooter for 1 year old baby.

01. Hape Scoot Around Ride

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Hope a scoot-around ride is the ultimate first scooter for your baby. The scooter is designed with maximum safety and easy-to-ride easy-to-ride features. It’s even an award-winning toy of 2013.

With this scooter, you’re getting rubberized wheels. They are durable enough as well as protect your house floor. The developed motor skills ensure good mobility. One-year-old babies need fun puzzles to ride any scooter. The back and roll puzzle makes every ride more fun with this scooter.

The high-quality wooden material makes the scooter more durable. These scooters are also well finished and painted in attractive colors. Your baby can safely ride the bike and strengthen strong muscles as well.

Highlight Key Features: 

  • The scooter Welles are rubberized
  • The materials are pretty durable and child-safe. Materials: Wood, PP, PVA, ABS, and water-based paint.
  • 2013 award-winning scooter.
  • Motor skills and height is child safe. One year babies can safely ride and roam. 
  • Seat height from the floor is 228mm or 8.98 inches


  • Easy assembling features
  • Durable materials
  • Safe for riding on your house floor
  • Nontoxic and safe materials.


  • Plastic parts are not reliable

If you’re searching for something durable for riding as well as reliable for your house, go with Hope scoot-around ride. It looks quite attractive as well. So, your baby will definitely love it. It will be fun to ride and build good strengths. 

02. Strider Galt America Galt Tiny Trike

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If your baby is just one year old and started learning things on their own, present her this beautiful strider galt America tiny trike.

The scooter has maximized safety and comfort level together. Regarding quality and safety, this one can be your baby’s first ultimate scooter. You won’t have to experience any hassle with assembling the scooter. It has got pretty clear instructions over the manufacturing box. It will barely take only 5 minutes to prepare the scooter ready to go.

The scooter parts are made of hardwood, and the entire quality meets British, American, European, and Canadian manufacturing standards. The durable strike feature will make every ride safer. It has also ensured maximum safety with a steering lock and wheels. The wheels are dual front and balance the scooter well. 

Highlight Key Features:  

  • Suitable for babies who are older than 1-year-old. 
  • Dual front wheels, push strike features and safety steering are attached.
  • Quality hardwood materials as well as sustainable.
  • The entire assembly is not required. But you’ve to assemble the tiny trike. Measurement = 19”L x 10-3/4”W x 8′


  • Quality controlled materials
  • Safety ensured
  • Durable as a first bike
  • Tiny and comfortable for 12 months babies


  • The colors and designs are basic.

Strider Galt America Galt Tiny Trike Ride seems to be one of the best quality child scooters available on the market. As this one holds pretty good quality, your baby can get to ride it for two years at least. However, the size is super tiny and compact. So, it’s also out of major risks.

03. TOP BRIGHT Baby Toys Scooter 1 Year Old

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Babies more than 12 months old will love this top bright baby toy scooter. Even babies who are ⅔ years old can ride this easily. This bike is super compact as well as comfortable. So, babies will find it super easy and fun to ride. 

This bike is made with a curved design. It improves your baby’s riding experience. The scooter strip design is also child-safe. Such handles increase the stability of the handles. The materials of the scooter are durable as well. Even the edges are smooth and safe for children. Your baby can roam around the house with this bike without harming indoor floors. 

Not only your baby, but you’ll also be happier with this scooter. It’s super easy to assemble. No extra hassle is required here. 

Highlight Key Features:  

  • Motor skills are developed and keep your baby safe and ride comfortably.
  • This scooter is made with safe structures. Such designs will limit pullovers and maneuverability. 
  • Rubberized wheels are durable for riding on indoor floors
  • The scooter is easy to balance and move with comfortable designs.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • High-quality materials as well as durable
  • Good deal for the budget
  • One year warranty
  • Child for Safe for riding inside the house


  • Handlebars might not stand that reliable.

Top bright baby scooter is the nicest gift you can get to your one-year-old baby. Such design, durability, and safe designs are perfect to be the first bike for your little baby. As it’s also budget-friendly, you can certainly call it a deal. 

Buying Guide for Wooden Scooter for 1 year old

Choosing a wooden scooter for 1 year old babies is not always that easy. It’s true that you’ll get a lot of options available in the market. But choosing an attractive, durable, and stable scooter is tough. There are a few things you can consider while getting a baby scooter for your one-year-old child. Give a quick check over these significant facts: 

Weight and Age Limitations:

Your one-year-old baby won’t get to ride any heavy scooter. Wooden scooters are generally compact and lightweight. You better check the scooter weight and dimension before getting it. Heavy scooters will not be suitable and safe for the baby. 

Safety Features:

These days, baby scooters consider the safety issue the most. The grips, tires, handles, and seats should be well balanced and easy to use. You should also consider the floor’s safety for your house. The rubberized tires are safe in this case. 

Design and Outlook:

You should know that the scooter is for a baby. If you’re only considering the safety and ignoring the look, it won’t work well. Your baby should get attracted to the scooter. After all, it will be its first scooter. 

Your Baby Should Get Attracted to the Scooter


Make sure the scooter is made of good quality material. Wooden scooters generally include better durability and stability. You better check on the product description, and it should be worth the money. 

Add-On Features:

Consider what the add-on features on the particular scooter you’re choosing are. Some might have better mobility, wide deck, warranty etc. 


The price range should never be underestimated. Compare the price range according to the features. Try to pick the one that goes better according to your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are wooden scooters suitable for 1year kids?

Answer: Yes, regarding the weight, compact and easy movement, wooden scooters are quite perfect for a 1-year-old baby. Such scooters look good and durable enough as well. So, babies find it attractive, and you’ll find it cost-effective. 

Question: Are the wooden scooters folded?

Answer: Yes, wooden scooters are folded, and you can easily assemble them. Generally, wooden scooters don’t have to be assembled thoroughly. You can follow the instructions to assemble the bike in minutes. 

Question: Can a wooden scooter be made at home?

Answer: Yes, if you’re aware of hardwoods, tools, and materials, it’s possible to build a wooden scooter at home. You might find a lot of DIY videos online to get help. 

wooden scooter be made at home

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One-year-old baby starts to walk and explore. That’s the time to strengthen their muscles. Getting them a good quality comfortable scooter helps them to build good muscles as well as confidence. Besides, the first scooter of life is a vital lifetime gift. So, you must find the best and safest scooter for your baby.

Here you’ve got to know about the wooden scooter for 1 year old baby. You can pick any among them. However, you’ve got some buying guides too. Learn what things a baby scooter should include and choose the best one for your baby.

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