Stunt Scooter vs Normal Scooter

As we know, the scooter is a man-powered or electric-powered road vehicle with handlebars, decks, wheels, and a motor. Today we discuss man-powered scooters as well as differences between stunt scooter vs normal scooter.

A man-powered scooter manually runs that is pushed off the ground by the rider’s feet. Commonly scooters are made of aluminum, titanium, and steel. If you want to do stunts or tricks on your scooter, Yes, you must choose a stunt scooter other than getting an ordinary scooter.

Now a question may arise in your mind that- why it’s significant to get a stunt scooter for doing tricks or stunts instead of an ordinary kick scooter? Yes, stay tuned for replied your question’s answer as well as about their differences.

Stunt Scooter vs Normal Scooter

Stunt Scooter vs Normal Scooter

FactorsStunt ScootersNormal Scooters
Rider Type      Suitable for the mid-level and advanced level rider.Suitable for beginners and up to the mid-level rider, including children. For normal use, the advanced level rider also can choose it.
Body MaterialGenerally, stunt scooters are made of high-quality aluminum, titanium, and steel. Some high-end stunt scooters are made with costly materials like titanium that are powerful but lightweight. However, a scooter made of titanium can be very costly.    The ordinary scooters are made of standard-grade aluminum and steel.
HandlebarEvery stunt scooter has one-piece T-bars as the bars are strong enough to withstand additional impact for jumps and tricks. The handlebar of the stunt scooter is fixed. Its height is fixed, and there is no height adjustment process like a kick or normal scooter. And, this is why there is no weakness from the handlebars from breaking down while doing the tricks.    The most useful thing about a normal scooter is that it is designed to fold with a folding mechanism. It means you can carry it anywhere by a car boot or school locker. And their handlebars themselves can often fold down. However, for these reasons, the scooter has some weak points, which cannot take the strain at the skate-park.                                                     
Forks  Use thread-less forks, which are stronger than threaded forks.Use threaded forks.                                                                  
BrakesThere are two different kinds of brakes when buying a stunt scooter. These are a spring break and a flex brake.  kick scooter with handbrake,  Foot Brake, V-brake, and Disc brakes.
WheelsMost stunt scooters are made of metal cores on the wheels and not plastic like a typical normal scooter, and for this, the metal cores are strong enough to withstand the additional penalties given to those who give their scooters to skate parks.        Normal scooter wheels are made of plastic and low-cost material.
WeightStunt scooters are heavier than normal scooters as stunt scooters are for doing tricks, so they need to be strong and their frames are usually heavier. However, ideally, the stunt scooters need to be light but strong enough. For this reason, they are not much heavy so that the rider can do the tricks.    As the normal or kick scooters don’t need to be much strong so they are much lighter to carry out anywhere. So, it is much advantageous in this case. And normal scooters are also better for younger children as it is easy to handle for them.
Foldable  Stunt scooters are non-folding and non-adjustable.    Some manufacturers are made both types of scooters foldable and non-foldable
PricePrice is higher than a normal scooter    Price is comparatively lower than stunt scooter

Final Thought

I hope this article was enough helpful for getting your question’s answer. After reading the whole article, you have to know about the differences between a stunt scooter vs a normal scooter.

Now, as a scooter rider, the decision is up to you which scooter will suit you perfectly after considering the above points. So, let’s go and enjoy your perfect scooter.

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