13 Popular Scooter Tricks List for Beginners

Are you going to ride on the scooter for the first time? Then you have to learn this basic scooter tricks list as a beginner. Otherwise, you are getting a bit bored with the scooter game. If you’re looking for some excitement, then there is no doubt that scooter tricks belong to the top category of deeds.

We made a list of 13 skills that will guide you to master these tricks. These 13 popular pro scooter tricks for Beginners also add a little more fun to your regular scooter regimen.

13 Popular Easy Scooter Tricks for Beginners

01. Barspin Tricks:

While doing a 360-degree rotation of the handlebar around its axis, then this trick is called Bar-Spin Scooter Tricks.

Step 1: Grab the handlebars with the right hand and take your left hand free from holding the handlebar. Keep your free hand close to the handlebar so that you can quickly grab them again when they come back around.

Step 2: Lift the front wheel off the ground and spin the right handlebar 180 degrees clockwise with your right hand.

Step 3: Reach your left hand under your right hand and grab the handlebars at the right time.

Step 4: Now, Release your right hand and spin the handlebars 180 degrees with the left hand.

Step 5: This time, grab the handlebars with the right hand and put both hands back on the handlebars in the original positions.

02. The Stance down Tricks:

Step 1: Place your dominant foot (left or right) on the scooter deck. You have to put your dominant foot at the edge of the deck at a 45-degree angle.

Step 2: Place your other foot in front of your dominant foot on the scooter deck so that the inner edges of both feet touch each other. The other foot must be parallel to the edge of the scooter.

Step 3: Use both hands fingers to hold the handlebar grips firmly.

Step 4: Now kick off with the dominant foot to propel yourself forward to move the scooter. When it’s running, Place your foot back in the same position.

03. Hop/ Bunny Hop Tricks:

The bunny hop is the basic trick of scooting you’ll want to learn on your scooter. This trick must be practiced in the free area.

Step 1: Push off with your back foot, so the scooter is kept moving. Don’t push off too hard because it should move a little slower.

Step 2: Bend your knees slightly and then push up with your legs, such as you are jumping up. Keep your feet must be planted on the deck.

Step 3: While’ pushing up with your legs, also pull the handles up with your hands, then the front wheel on the scooter lifts about 3 meters off the ground.

Step 4: Now, push up and let the back wheel lift off the ground. At this point, both feet must be planted on the deck, and both wheels should be about one foot in the air.

Step 5: While you drop back to the ground, both wheels must hit the ground at the same time. By keeping both feet on the deck continue moving forward.

 Fakie Tricks

04. Fakie Tricks:

Fakie is an essential step because it allows you to do rolling backward direction on your scooter.

Step 1: Roll your scooter gently over a pipe or ramp and position yourself in a straight line.

Step 2: Allow the gravity to roll your scooter back and try to balance.

Step 3: To protect your balance, turn the wheel in the front and try to stay in a straight line all the time.

05. Manual / Wheelie Tricks:

Manuals are pretty easy to become fun enough once you practice and learn it. While you are riding, pull the handlebars up and maintain balance on one wheel of the stunt scooter.

06. Nose Pivot Tricks:

A nose pivot is a handy trick to change the direction while running 180 degrees or more while riding.

Step 1: Start moving mildly at medium speed.

Step 2: Grab the handlebars tightly, lift the frontier part, and then turn as much you need.

Step 3: After turning, lift the afterward hive and revolve towards the proper direction & move again frequently.

07. One Hander Tricks:

Step 1: Do a bunny hop and Try to fly as high in the air so that you get more time to do the trick.

Step 2: once you’re in the air, let go of one of your hands from the handlebar. Please let go of the non-dominant hand.

Step 3: Try to keep your free arm stretched while you’re in the air and hold your arm out to the side so it’s parallel to the ground until you lose can carry on. If you feel starting to lose balance, grab back the handle.

Step 4: once you land, grab back onto the handlebars with both hands. Try doing practice again and again.

08. Jump in the AirTricks:

It looks like a straightforward and familiar trick but takes time and practice. All you need to do when Speed up the scooter on a half-pipe to turn around and head straight on the way down. When you are on mid-air, turn 180 degrees and then go back down. When you are landing, make sure you bend your knees and try to maintain the speed.

Tail Whip Tricks

09. Tail Whip Tricks:

Tail Whip Tricks can do in two ways. If you have placed the left leg in front, then do a clockwise tail whip.  Do an anti-clockwise tail whip, if you have set the right leg in front.

Step 1: First, to tail whip, you need to do bunny hop at a proper height so that the easier time you’ll have to do this trick.

Step 2: Use the front foot on the deck to push off and kick it around while keeping both hands on the handlebar

Step 3: try not to use the shoulder or the whole body to rotate the scooter. Use only wrist and forearms.

10. Heel whipTricks:

Almost like a tail whip, but the execution is different. Here, instead of strapping around the deck with the front of your feet, press it around with your heels. This makes the deck spin in the opposite direction. As a result, it must be rotated counterclockwise instead of clockwise.

11. No Hander Tricks:

This trick is a regular jump, but the rider takes both hands off of the handlebars while in the air. So, it’s one of the risky skills but can be accomplished quickly, if you know what you’re doing.

No Footer Tricks

12. No Footer Tricks:

This trick involves taking both feet off the deck, and your next challenge is stretching them out while on mid-air. This is one of the essential skills, but this one is all about timing.

13. Tail Grab Tricks:

Step 1: Bend your knees and jump off in a little bit of air

Step 2: Remove one hand from the handlebars and hold the back of your scooter deck with that hand.

Step 3: grab the back end of your deck as long as possible

Step 4: Try to bend your knees a lot. This brings the deck a lot closer to your hand and is thus easier to grab your balance. Then land smoothly and roll away.


So, there you got it all. These are the top 13 popular Scooter Tricks list for Beginners. But we will suggest you not hurry to learn the tricks of those. Though these tricks are the easiest but try to take the help of an expert or experienced rider to supervise.  

Try to practice all of the methods in a free and safe area. Nail these moves and tricks, and you definitely will be a good scooter rider on the next level. Stay safe. And Have fun. Enjoy!

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