How to Unfold a Razor Scooter – 3 Simple Steps

The folding razor scooter plays an important role as a primary vehicle as well as support for short trips from home to office, from home to school, or from home to market. That’s why folding razor scooters are admired worldwide. You have already learned to fold a razor scooter. In this article, now I will teach you how to unfold a razor scooter in its original form.

One of the reasons why the Fold Razor Scooter is so popular is that it can be kept in small spaces in offices, schools, and homes. This article is written with the desire for unfolding a razor scooter. However, I am discussing in detail how to unfold a razor scooter.

How to Unfold a Razor Scooter – step by step

The folding razor scooter needs a small space after use. So, it plays an important role as a primary vehicle for students, officials, and also everyday needs. For this reason, you need to know how to unfold a razor scooter as well as the know-how to fold also.

In general, we need to know the reverse procedure of folding for unfolding. However, applying the ideal way for unfolding the razor scooter otherwise will be damaged. Now, I will discuss step by step as below:-

Step 01: Release the T-tube bottom Quick-lever and lock button

  1. First, find out the model and read the manufacturer brochure/catalog in detail for folding and unfolding.
  2. After that, you can turn the bottom quick-release joint lever. Now, you will grab your t-bar with one hand and push the release button at the same time by another hand.
  3. Now unfold the steering T-tube (without rising the upper steering).   

Step 02: Rise the upper steering with a fixed-grip handlebar

  1. Open the upper steering T-tube height adjustment clamp and unlock the button.
  2. Increase the upper steering adjustment T-tube as per your height.
  3. Now tighten the clamp nut and lock the button again.

Step 03: Final Check All Components

  1. Check all components such as Grip handlebar, T-tube, collar clamp, wheel, tire, front and back brake, deck, etc.
  2. Check the joint lever, clamp, and lock button, and tighten the nut again if required.
  3. Finally use oil and lubricant (if required) then clean with a cloth. 
  4. Now the scooter is ready for smooth riding.


From this article, we understand that the technique of unfolding a razor scooter is much simpler. A razor scooter will be easier to fold and unfold when you know the folding and opening technique well. So know how to use the folding and opening technique well and protect the foldable razor scooter from damage.

So it’s necessary to know how to unfold a razor scooter correctly. Also, you need to know, how to find the simple problem and its solution. On the other hand, you need to know how to replace some common parts that will give you smooth riding. Finally, don’t try it without knowing how to unfold a razor scooter.

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