How to Put Air in Electric Scooter Tire – Tips

Generally, 2 types of tires are used in scooters such as inflatable and solid which are made of rubber. Some kick scooters have pneumatic tires. But most electric scooters have pneumatic tires. Proper tire pressure is essential to get the best performance from the scooter. Tires must be properly inflated to prevent frequent flats. Apart from this, proper tire pressure is necessary for the stability of the scooter and the safety of the rider. In this article, we will explain step by step how to put air in an electric scooter tire. Whether you are a novice or an experienced scooter rider, you will benefit.

The environment of the present world is under threat due to various reasons but the scooter is environmentally friendly. In addition, scooters save time and money. Let us start to read the article on how to inflate electric scooter tires.

How to Put Air in a Scooter Tire – Step by Step Guide

Most air pumps today have a pressure gauge attached to them. Pumping up an electric scooter or kick scooter is a lot like pumping up a bicycle. Follow the steps below to properly pump

Step-1: Find the Nozzle

The first thing you need to do is locate the deflated nozzle of the scooter. Different types of nozzles are available on scooters according to the type and brand of the scooter. However, every nozzle comes with a simple cap. Now open the cap and start the second step.

Step-2: Connect the Nozzle with Air Pump

Hand Tire Pump: The hand tire pump is well known to us because it is used in football and bicycle. As a result, it is easy to pump scooter tires with a hand tire pump.

Electric Tire Pump: First check the switch, cable, and plug of the electric pump and connect it to the electrical outlet. After that, connect the pump nozzle and the tire nozzle together. Now, push the lever of the pump and lock the nozzle.

Step-3: Start Pumping

At this stage, start pumping the scooter tire and keep doing it until the tire is full. If you think the tire is full of air, check by squeezing it by hand. Also, check the psi with a pressure gauge.

Step-4: Put the Cap Back

If, you can feel and confirm the tire filling with air, reattach the cap tightly to prevent air from escaping. Also, you can check if the air is coming out by dropping a drop of water on the nozzle cap. If the tire is too small and the pump cannot be easily attached to the nozzle, then use a nylon extension.

Generally, smaller scooter wheels require less air so you can fill them with a few pushes. In addition, you can follow the pump user manual.

Recommended Air Pressure for Scooters

Scooter tires need to have moderate air. If the psi is more than required i.e. filled with air then the tire will burst and if less than the scooter will not run. Therefore the PSI of the tire must be confirmed in the following way.

Instruction Manual: The manufacturer gave you an instruction manual for the scooter. Read the instruction manual and inflate air in the tire as per psi.

Manufacturer’s Website: If there is no instruction manual, check the manufacturer’s website.

Air pressure is often referred to in tires: Sometimes, the recommended air pressure (PSI) is printed on the tire.

Pressure gauge: Use the pump with a pressure gauge.

Final Words

There are many types of scooters available in the current market with different features. In this case, choose the right electric scooter based on your preferences. Scooters with inflatable tires are preferred by many riders because they are smooth and comfortable.

Inflatable tires should be checked and cleaned for leaks after each ride. If there is a leak, it should be repaired and the tire pressure should be checked before going out. If the tire pressure is low, air should be filled.

Our main goal in this article was How to put air in electric scooter tire. However, you know the steps of air filling well and can apply them.

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