Radio Flyer My First Scooter Review- Things You Must Know

Toddler’s first scooter needs your major concern. There are bunches of manufacturers and thousands of designs. Radio Flyer My first scooter review can be your ultimate savior here. Radio Flyer is a famous and well-known scooter and toy wagon manufacturing company

It’s true that toddlers will be more concerned with their appearance. But as a parent, you must be concerned with the quality, material, safety, and features. And getting all these in one scooter might sound difficult. However, it’s not that easy if you get to know about some recommended scooters in detail.

Their scooters have always been the quite popular and affordable pick for a baby’s first scooter. You better learn every detail about it before making any decision.

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter Review: Exclusive Toddler ride

Radio Flyer My first scooter is an exclusive toddler addition of the company. Babies from 2 to 5 years old can ride this scooter comfortably.

Radio Flyer holds a very good company reputation. So, this scooter has particularly become the people’s favorite toddler scooter in recent times. From the features and look, everything is impressive here. Both parents and babies seem to love such a colorful yet safe scooter.

The first thing of preference about this scooter would be its balancing and coordination features. It makes the scooter safer for a toddler to ride both indoors and outdoor.

Radio Flyer My First Scooter Review- Things You Must Know

Of course, a two years old toddler will be a beginner in the scooter world. So, such a good combination is an ideal mixture.

Tech Features:

For the smooth and best performance, you’ve to check out the technical features of the scooter. Well, Radio Flyer hasn’t failed to impress users with its unique and reliable features.

The scooter steering is specially designed. It can easily turn radius and ensure your baby’s maximum safety. The scooter has got a wide base to add a bit more stability.

The most common problem toddlers experience is balancing on the scooter. Here Radio flyer has added two front wheels that will lead through a clear kick path.

Such wheels make it easier for your baby to balance on. This scooter can bear a maximum of 50 lbs of weight.

The product dimension is 12″ L x 23″ W x 27″ H which makes the baby seat and ride the scooter easily.

If you’re concerned about the look, relax. It has got amazing features in two different colors as pink and red.

Benefits & Efficiency:

Radio Flyer My first scooter is the perfect pick for beginner-level beginner-level toddlers. There is no drawback that can make you dislike the scooter.

The wheels and deck make good balance, steering gives better control, and also looks pretty stylish. Here you don’t have to compromise mobility for safety issues.

The stable and comfortable design of the scooter will make your toddler fall in love with it. It’s super quick and easy to assemble as well.


  • Stable and coordinated design.
  • Grips, steering, decks are balanced and comfortable. 
  • Easy to assemble this scooter and takes a few minutes only. 
  • The scooter’s appearance is pretty attractive and stylish.


Your baby’s first scooter has to be special. And when you’re getting it for the toddler, safety becomes a big concern. They are always up to explore their curiosity. Regarding all these features and quality, Radio Flyer My first scooter is undoubtedly a good and wise pick. 

What to Look for on a Toddler’s First Scooter? 

There are bunches of scooters with thousands of unique staples. But style isn’t enough for a toddler’s first scooter. If you learn about the things to consider while choosing a toddler’s first scooter, it might make everything easier. 

Get into here and learn things that you need to consider while getting a toddler’s first scooter:


Well, a toddler should never ride some heavy bikes. As they can go wild, any accident can happen. The lighter your bike weighs, the less risk your baby carries. However, it should weigh under 7.89 pounds approximately. 


Consider checking the scooter dimension before picking it up. The dimension should match the baby’s height so that it can ride the scooter comfortably. 

Maximum capacity:

Almost every scooter mentions its maximum capacity. It should be ideal for your baby’s weight. Else there will be a problem in balancing. 


Make sure your toddler’s scooter steering is stable enough. After all, it will make controlling easier. Any complex and hard-designed steering will make it harder for your baby to control a scooter.


Your pool scooter should have a wide deck to provide maximum comfort and stability. 


Make sure the scooter material is high quality enough. After all, it will ensure maximum reliability and durability. 


Your scooter should include a stable and comfortable grip. This will make it easier for your toddler to control the scooter. 


Your toddler’s scooter wheel size will ensure smoother rides. No matter if the surface is even or uneven, it should balance the scooter well. Go with the scooters with a big wheel and front ones. Such wheels can make the scooter go safer, smoother, and faster.


There are different types of toddler scooters in different price ranges. It would help if you considered getting the best deal in your budget. All you need is to do some good research, read some reviews and find the best one. 

Style & Design:

Babies are always attracted to colorful and stylish things. If your toddler’s scooter doesn’t look good, your baby might not find the interest in riding it. Consider getting a colorful and trendy scooter for the baby


Almost every scooter mentions a particular age range. Please make sure the scooter you’re choosing is referred for you according to its age. 

FAQs for Radio Flyer My First Scooter Review

Which is the easiest type of scooter to ride for toddlers?

If the scooter has got 1 – 3 wheels, that would be easier to control. As your toddler is just learning to ride a bike, consider giving them such a scooter for better stability.

How old does your baby have to be to get a scooter?

If your baby is two years old, it can ride a safe toddler scooter. 2 years old babies learn to walk, and their muscles get strengthened. Such time is perfect for getting a good-quality toddler scooter.

Final Verdict 

Toddlers are all about exploring, curiosity and playing. It’s the perfect age to get them a good quality scooter to enhance their adventurous trait. But, getting a good-quality scooter is not always as easy as it sounds. Radio Flyer’s first scooter review has mentioned everything that you should know while picking up any toddler’s scooter. If your budget, preferences and choice meet the needs, consider getting a Radio flyer. My first scooter for your baby.

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