How To Charge Scooter Battery Without Charger

Is It Possible to Charge Scooter Battery without Charger?  If you want to know, then don’t worry. Just read this article carefully. Here I will tell you How to Charge Scooter Battery without Charger.

As we all know a battery is an essential thing for a scooter. But because of excessive use, the battery can be damaged. Then you have to replace the battery or buy a new one.  So how do you charge a scooter at this time?

Here, in this article, I discussed some procedures which can help you to Charge a Scooter battery without a charger. So don’t be late. Let’s get started.

Common Steps of How To Charge Scooter Battery Without Charger

If you want to Charge a Scooter Battery without Charger at home, then you have to follow these common steps –

Removing the Scooter Battery

Before charging your scooter first, you have to remove the battery. This alternative method creates a lot of heat which makes the battery overheat. After checking the guideline, you can easily remove the battery.

Removing Screws

Inside your scooter, the battery is fastened with a screw and a plate hold. Just remove that screw and plate holder to get the battery.

Disconnect the battery

Then disconnect the battery by cutting the negative and positive wires. These wires usually connect via slide-in hatches or clips. To avoid any damage, you have to remove the connectors carefully.

Position the battery

Before connecting it Portable Car Jumper or Variable Power Supply, you have to keep the battery in a dry place.

Portable Car Jumper

Using a Portable Car Jumper

Portable jumpers are the most popular and suitable convenient batteries for charging your scooter without a charger. Then the regular batteries, it can hold higher voltage. By using this technique, you have to follow the process:

Step 1: Connect

To charge your scooter first, you have to connect your jumper to the battery. You have to connect the red wire for a positive port, and the black wire is for a negative port. When connecting the battery, Make sure that there is no leak or break. Otherwise, it can be dangerous.

Step 2: Turn the Jumper On

Then Switch on the jumper. To charge the battery fully, you have to charge it for 20 minutes. When charging, don’t disconnect the jumper from a battery. Otherwise, it can damage your battery and also be a subject to electric shocks.

Step 3: Disconnect the Jumper

You have to disconnect the jumper when the battery is full. You have to do this by unplugging the negative port from the jumper. And by plugging the positive port with the battery, your electric scooter is ready to go.

Universal Power Adapter

Using a Universal Power Adapter

It is an electronic device that can store electrical charges for some time.  It is the best electric device of any other electronics of its kind. By using this technique, you can charge your electric scooter without a charger. You have to follow the process:

Step 1: Plug your Power Cable to Adapter

An adapter is a type of device that can charge all kinds of electric appliances. You have to connect black wire for the negative port and red wire for the positive port.

Step 2: Set the Voltage

Now you have to set the voltage at 4.20V/cell for recharging. Since you do not know what number of the battery come in your scooter, you have to guess it or contact the manufacturer.

Step 3: Set the Current

Measure your battery capacity and set the energy to 20%. For example, if the battery is at 9Ah, the output current will be 1.8A. Such as, if the battery is 9Ah, then the adjustable energy source will be 1.8A. But too much charge may be harmful to your battery.

Step 4: Wait for the Charge

The battery becomes full by dropping the supplied current. When supplied current is about 3% of the scooter battery’s rated capacity (Ah), then disconnect the Universal Power Adapter. And your scooter is ready.

Charging the Several Batteries

Usually, there are three types of batteries used in the scooters, which are lead-acid batteries, Lithium-ion batteries, NiCD/NiMH batteries.  Here below, we will describe how to charge your bike based on the battery.

Lead Acid Scooter Batteries

For more than 140 years these Lead Acid Scooter Batteries have been used in many electronic devices. Because of its higher durability, low price, and tolerance of overcharging it is very popular in scooters.

If you want to charge a lead-acid scooter battery First, you have to calculate the voltage by determining the number of cells in the battery. After calculating energy now charge the battery by using a variable charger. Disconnect the charger when the battery is full.

NiCd& NiMH Battery

NiCd and NiMH are two different types of battery, but their function is similar. By using chemical reactions both batteries store electricity to power the bike. They are famous for energy volume and saving power capability.

It is difficult to identify the charge of this battery rather than the other batteries. The battery charge is recognized only when the temperature is increasing. If you notice the temperature rise 0.3 – 1C, then indicates the battery is full. To charge an empty 2Ah NiMH battery at 750-1000mA takes around 3 hours.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Today most favored and used battery in modern electrical equipment is Lithium-ion Batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are highly flexible, power-saving, produce less heat, and are low price all over the world.

Before charging always determine the Full voltage charge, which is 4.20V/cell. You also have to make sure that the power supply and voltage don’t exceed 4.20V/cell. When the power supply fall to 3 percent of the rated current and the charge reaches the 4.20V/cell voltage, your battery is full. And your scooter is ready to go.

To Wrap Up

Now I think you can understand the whole procedure of how to charge scooter battery without a charger.  But following these processes, as I discussed above, you can quickly charge an electric scooter without a charger at home. As it is a highly complex process, I suggested you be extra careful or take the help of a mechanic.

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