How Long Does a Razor Electric Scooter Battery Last?

The Razor electric scooters are an excellent means of activity for kids and an innovative mode of transportation for adults. They can operate continuously for an ample period. The battery life of an electric scooter usually ranges depending on its model, which is nearly an hour or more. How long does a razor electric scooter battery last is very important and a matter of worry while riding?

Kid or teens that enjoy having endless fun and usually tend to take their scooters to school do not have to worry about the battery life. They can easily enjoy the uninterrupted fun of riding because of the hour-long or more battery life of some models. It is not only a means of fun for kids but also for adults. They smoothly go to the office and avoid traffic jams to a great extent.

Battery Life Ranges Of Few Razor Electric Models:

Some of the notable models of razor scooter brand of electric scooters and their battery ranges are as follows:

E Prime Electric Scooter:

The E Prime electric scooter is ideal for commuting around the neighborhood. It is quite smart and eco-friendly with patent-pending, anti-rattle, and folding technology. The scooter has a durable, aluminum frame that makes a premium design. It is suitable for people who expect sophistication with every scooter ride.

The scooter is preferred for teens 14 and up with a maximum speed of 15mph. It has a battery life that ranges up to 40 minutes or so. The maximum weight that the scooter can hold is 176 lbs, which is necessary to adhere to when trying to preserve the battery life.

Power Core E100 Electric Scooter Aluminum Deck:

The Power Core E100 electric scooter aluminum deck is lighter and more efficient than the regular E100 electric scooter. It is because of the newly introduced Power Core technology. This technology gives it some fresh new ability like 50 percent more ride capacity than E100 and a battery life of 60 minutes. The scooter can hold a weight of about 120lbs, which is more suitable for children of 8years or up.

Power Core E90 Electric Scooter:

Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

The Power Core electric scooter elevates the riding and takes it to a whole new level. This scooter is very energy-efficient and maintenance-free. It is suitable for both kids and adults, mostly for kids. The scooter has a maximum speed of about 10mph.

It has a battery life that extends up to 70 minutes, which is about 75 percent more battery life than any other model of the electric scooter. This scooter definitely provides you with excellent and more uninterrupted playtime.

Charging The Electric Scooter Battery:

Charging The Battery:

When you buy a new scooter, it is better to charge it up through, which will take about 12hours or so to charge fully. When you plug in the charger to the wall outlet, the light on the charger will turn green. As it continues to charge, it will become red and then green again when it is ready to be used. This is the indication of a fully charged and ready-to-use scooter.

The light might change color before 12 hours, but you must not plug it off. It should remain to charge. The recommended maximum time to charge your scooter on the first go is 24 hours. If you tend to forget to plug it after being fully charged, do not worry about it. It will turn off on its own as it is functions to prevent overcharging and prevent risks. Now, do not be afraid if your charger gets heated up while using it. This amount of heat is quite average as long as it does not get too heated to handle.

Precaution/Safety Tips:

Charge the battery of your electric scooter after every use. With that being said, we highly recommend not letting your children charge it. An adult should always charge it for them to avoid any risk. Again, you must never forget to charge your scooter fully. It is because it will profoundly affect the speed if it is not fully charged. You may live in harsher weather conditions and tend to store your scooter away. Then, we will recommend charging it thoroughly before you save for weeks or months.

Though charging your precious scooter periodically, even when in storage, we advise plugging off the charger when not in use. If you do not do so, you may fall victim to charging problems in the future. It will only stop you from enjoying your rides by making your battery weaker. Indeed, you do want a weak battery to spoil you uninterrupted fun and awesome rides.

Maintaining The Battery Life Of Your Electric Scooter

Maintaining The Battery Life Of Your Electric Scooter:

The first step to taking care of your battery to extend its life or to maintain it is by storing it in a safe place. Do not keep your scooter in freezing temperatures, as this will damage the battery. You must have held your scooter in a garage along with its charger. But if you experience colder days or harsher weather conditions, we recommend you to keep the scooter and its charger inside or in a warmer place.

There are several things to remember while maintaining the battery life of your scooter. Firstly, always remember to fill your tires with air to make it easier for the battery to push the scooter around. Keep the weight limit in mind as it will be easier for the battery to carry. It is better to stay on flat surfaces and maintain speed even as you coast.


Electric scooters are almost everywhere now. They have become very popular among both kids and adults. We all want to experience the fun and excitement of riding it. The uninterrupted awesomeness it tends to provide. This excitement highly depends on the battery life of the scooter.

So, we need to know how long does a Razor electric scooter battery lasts, and it is highly based on how we tend to take care of the product. It is essential to maintain the battery carefully if we want its full power to extend longer.

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