How to Protect Your Scooter from Rain

It is a common truth that you should not go for a ride with your scooter in the rain. But even you want to do it. Again, if you don’t have any place to keep your scooter and for that reason, you have to keep it outside, but it’s raining. In these types of cases, you may want to know how to protect your scooter from rain? To get your question’s answer, read the following.

Can I ride or keep my scooter outside in the rain, and what can happen because of it?

Kick Scooter

As we know, this kick scooter is a human-powered vehicle, so there are no electric risks about it. But there are some other reasons that you have to worry about like, such low visibility in heavy rainfall, which will create risks of having an accident. Again, you can be slipped off with your scooter because of the wet surface. And, if the rain is ended up with a storm or flood, then you can be submerged with your scooter.

kick scooter is a human-powered vehicle

So, it will be better, if you don’t ride your kick scooter in the rain unless if want to take risks. On the other hand, if you have decided not to ride it in the rain but you have to keep it outside but it’s raining, then there are some tips that you can follow to protect it.

Electric Scooter

According to its name, an electric scooter is an electric-powered vehicle, so there are electric risks about it. And, it is common knowledge- don’t mix electricity and water. If you do, then it can damage your scooter. Again, other problems can occur if you ride your scooter in the rain like low visibility in heavy rainfall, slipping off, storms, floods, and the braking system can’t also work properly, and fall you into danger.

electric scooter is an electric-powered vehicle

So, riding an e-scooter in the rain is also not a good idea. But even if you want to do it, then strictly follow the features. And if you don’t have any place to keep it without outside of the home but it’s raining, then there are also some tips to follow.

Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooter runs through electric or battery, and if its running system is touched by water, then it can damage. And its both internal and external components will sink into the water and can be damaged if there is a flood. Again, there are other problems that you can face while riding it in the rain like- low visibility, storms, etc. As people are closely contacted with their mobility scooters, they think they can be electrocuted while riding it in the rain. But there are low chances of happening this.

Mobility scooter runs through electric or battery

Finally, we come to the point that riding a mobility scooter in the rain is not a good decision, too. However, you can ride it if you can protect it as well as you. And again you want to keep it outside in the rain because of any reason, then read the following statements.

How To Fix A Mobility Scooter

Features to consider or protect my scooter while riding it in the rain

To protect your scooter while riding it in the rain, then there are some features that you can consider like- a good IP rating, water resistance, an emergency stop, etc.

IP rating

IP (Ingres Protection) rating is the international standard that is used to determine how effectively seals electrical enclosures from dust, water, or any other matter. Every IP rating has two numbers. So in this case the more IP rating product, the more secure it is. The first digit expresses penetration protection, and on the other hand, the second digit expresses moisture protection. 0 or X is the lowest IP rating and if it’s your scooter’s rating, then you should forget to ride your electric scooter in the rain. However, 5 or more express well protection.

But about 50% of electric scooters come in the market without any IP rating, which means you definitely wouldn’t ride it in the rain. Most scooter manufacturers don’t give the scooter’s IP ratings. In these cases, they should be conscious of it.

IP 66 is a good rating for an electric-powered scooter to protect itself [IP 66 = protected from dust, high-pressure water jets from any direction]. You can follow this IP rating tip only in the cases of e-scooter and mobility scooters but not kick scooters as they are human-powered.


There are some electric or mobility scooters available in the market which are water-resistant but not waterproof. It means they can resist to some degree penetration of water, but not totally. So, you shouldn’t ride it in the flood or storm. You can also consider this feature to protect your electric or mobility scooter.

Emergency stop

You can keep an anti-lock electric braking system in your scooter to protect yourself. If your braking system won’t work properly in the rain, then it will help you.

Rubber deck and handlebars

Rubber handlebars and decks will increase your safety if you are riding an electric-powered vehicle in the rain. It will decrease more chances of being electrocuted. So, you can consider following this feature tip to protect yourself.

However, the thing you have to worry about is, there is no feature or tip that you can follow to reduce low visibility problems, floods, or storms. But you shouldn’t ride your scooter fastly in the rain, especially if you face low visibility problems in heavy rainfall.

What can I do to protect my scooter from the rain when it is not in use?

It will be the best job if you keep your scooter in the garage or any insider place when you are not riding it. But sometimes, because of some reasons, there is a situation created when you have to keep it outside, but it’s raining.

In these cases, keep your scooter in a dry place, and use a water-resistant cover that is made from good quality materials, such as light and portable polyester. It will keep your scooter safe from dampness and humid conditions.

What should I do if my scooter gets wet in the rain?

You should avoid riding your electric-powered scooter from getting wet if you want it long-lasted. But even if it gets wet, turn it off immediately. Then remove its battery and let it dry. Even if you see your scooter is not working properly, then take it to its provider. Use water-resistant covers when you are not riding your scooter. Keep its regular maintenance if you want to keep your electric-powered scooter long-lasted.

Final Thoughts

After reading the above statements, now you know how to protect your scooter from rain. If you want to ride it in the rain, then you have to strictly maintain the considerations of its features mentioned above.

And if you are keeping your scooter outside in the rain for some reason, then follow the above tips. However, if your scooter gets wet, then follow the above. I hope this article was enough helpful for you for getting your question’s answer.

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