Best Trick Scooter For 10 Year Old

So the kids have grown up. They have now become adventure enthusiasts teenagers. They want to do a variety of tricks and stunts through their scooter. Among children, teenagers, and even adults, Trick scooting is becomes so much popular. Best Trick Scooter For 10 Year Old helping to grow with body fit and keep the mind fresh, refreshing, and riding fun. Through trick scooting, teens can get a different feel of tasting free air.

Nowadays, children, teenagers, and even adults perform a variety of tricks and stunts in the parks, pavements, and driveways. It helps the children to become socialize, go outside to play with others. Moreover, it gives the young generation some physical activities instead of just sitting home and playing mobile, video games, or laptops. So, parents don’t mind buying the Best Trick Scooter For 10 Year Old and also for children, teenagers, and even adults as a surprise gift or birthday present.

Best Trick Scooter For 10 Year Old Reviews

So, looking for the best trick scooter for children, teenagers, and even adults, right? Finding and choosing the best trick scooter in the market is a difficult task. When looking for trick scooters, you have to consider some extraordinary features. Here we viewed the best Trick Scooters based on design, grips, bars, speed, long-lasting materials, warranty, wheels, and other necessary configurations. Let’s check it out in detail.

01. Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter – Mongoose rise 100 pro

Is your child ready for the skate park? Want to perform different tricks and stunts? Well, check on Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter. Another fantastic 100 Pro freestyle scooter from Mongoose. Another lightweight, durable, and comfortable bike for doing tricks and stunts where ever your child goes. Multiple colors and five separate styles give the rider to fit his personal riding preferences.

This pro scooter has Alloy Deck with an extended-standing area and steel brake. This feature makes it not only lightweight but also ensures pro-style park performance with full coverage.

100 mm high-impact alloy wheels come with durable ABEC-7 bearings and front and rear alloy pegs. That provides smooth non-slip riding and efficient handling for the rider to test new moves every day. This Mongoose model’s ABEC-7 bearings also work very well for smooth and safe rides.

This pro scooter is a perfect combination of durability and comfort because of Its One-piece welded steel T-bar handlebar that also comes with bike-style grips. Furthermore, a Quadruple anodized clamp collar with a Threadless headset gives the rider a precise, crisp steering riding experience wherever you go.

What We Liked
  • Comes in different styles and colors
  • Durable steel frame lightweight
  • One-piece welded steel T-bar handlebar ensures comfort
  • The large standing deck area
  • Easy to handle
  • Front and rear alloy pegs
  • Easy to stop or slow down with the rear wheel brake
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not foldable for storage
  • When turning Peg’s drag
  • Problem with handlebars
Buying guide

The 100mm alloy-made high impact wheels with Mongoose pegs give this Mongoose model stability and durability. The one-piece durable welded steel T-bar with bike-style grips is an excellent solution to get ready for the skate park. Because of the heavy-duty frame, usually, Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter is made for 8+ riders but can easily keep up to 220 pounds. So this is an excellent long-lasting Pro Freestyle Freestyle best trick Scooter for everyday use.

02. Arcade Pro Scooters plus Stunt Scooter – Arcade pro scooter review

Arcade Pro Scooters plus Stunt Scooter is another well-known best pro BMX scooter name in the field of freestyle scooter games. Beginner to expert level riders loves this Arcade pro scooter because of the flexibility of this scooter. It gives the riders tremendous flexibility and the most secure section level of tricks and stunts riding on it. Stylish design and high durability with high-performance ability Arcade Pro Scooters plus Stunt Scooter can take up to 220lbs easily.

This entry-level kick scooter is fitted with ABEC 7 bearings, customized117mm TPR Grips reinforced T Bars, and an organized 83 Degree Headtube that gives stable, quiet glide. By customizing the fork and brake, the riders can easily custom 100mm Aluminum wheels for 110mm too. With different color choosing options, fresh graphics, smooth wheels, and responsive and smooth deals break every Arcade user whizzing around on their Arcade Plus by standing out with the coolest rider tag.

This 8.5lb lightweight scooter is equipped with 23” high T Bar so intermediate to pro riders, and kids aged 7+ can comfortably ride this pro scooter. Moreover 4.0″ wide by 19.5″ extended Arcade deck and IHC Compression comes to you securely packaged. Without any damage by adding the rear peg and tightening two screws, the Arcade Plus + comes in the dial.

What We Liked

  • Free-form model Pro Plus Stunt Scooter
  • Lightweight and smooth deck
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Requires only two bolts to be tightened
  • Comes with different types of color
  • Perfect for Beginner and Intermediate
  • Easy to control and ride.
  • Cool graphics design
  • Easy to store
What We Didn’t Like
  • No cons
Buying guide

Dynamic model, Solid 3D Stepped Forks, smooth bearings, substantial deck, Custom Neck, Smooth Course, and colorful graphics make this newer brand Arcade a very durable and safe pro scooter. For a beginner and a very reliable pro scooter For an expert. From exciting Lava colors: Molten, Night, Icy, Ultra, and Mutant choose your favorite color now and Go-ahead with performing.

03. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Review – Complete Trick Scooter

Is your child a sports enthusiast? Want a functional, stylish, and high-quality stunt scooter for kids at a reasonable price? Or are you a new one to enjoy and learn to ride a Trick Scooter? Then this Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick Scooter is for you. This best quality pro scooter product is from Fuzion, one of the favorites and well-known brands in making Trick Scooter. This reliable, high-quality build design offers serious performance at an affordable price.

This lightweight scooter is made from 6061-T6 aluminum. It’s ¼ strong, wider Dog Bone alloy deck, one-piece sculpted Chisel, and lightweight steel fork, and Solid 110mm Alloy Core polyurethane wheels make this stunt scooter meet any obstacle in the streets or the skate park. ABEC 9 bearings wheels by providing excellent traction, the highest speed, and a great driving force. The IHC/ HIC Compression System also makes this scooter reliable and lightweight.

The 23” tall and 22” long Chromoly steel T- bar with 155mm rubber compound secure and comfortable grip gives a comfortable ride and excellent grip while riding. Nylon and Steel Triad Brake is virtually noiseless and ensures superior control over the speed.

What We Liked
  • Excellent build quality and design
  • Durable and strong
  • Versatile and highly affordable model scooter
  • Lightweight And Easy to use
  • Fender brakes provide extraordinary stopping power
  • IHC/ HIC Compression System
  • Wide handlebars with Good quality grips easy to install
  • Choice of color
  • Triad nylon/steel brake works like a charm
What We Didn’t Like
  • Fragile fork
  • Not for taller riders
  • To large deck
Buying guide

This Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is used for different purposes, such as for sports competitions or on the street or in skate parks. It also requires a minimum of assembling. Its high-quality materials make it useable for a long time. The lightweight design makes it perfect for not only transportation but also for performing tricks. This beginner to intermediate level rider’s scooter can take up to 220 lbs. So kids of 8+ and above can comfortably ride this Trick Scooter.

04. Mayhem Phantom Pro V2

Another affordable, quality full, skate parks, as well as a streets-friendly trick scooter, are Mayhem Phantom Pro V2. High-quality materials and lightweight design make it an excellent entry-level scooter specially built for adults. Still, because of its geometry design, it is usable for both teenagers and adult riders. This 7.34lbs lightweight scooter can easily do all stunts and pro on all terrains. The included metal material is not only built to sustain the severe abuse on all territories but also makes the scooter simple to cut and adjust for excellent comfort.

4.5″ wide and 20″ length Mayhem Phantom 6061 T6 Aluminum deck makes the scooter a super tough, no-nonsense park weapon which also has a fantastic art design of the Phantom mascot. A fully Integrated Sealed Bearing headset ensures high tolerance and smooth rotation while doing tricks and stunts.

24” wide x 26” tall staggering Classic T bars are made from 4130 Chromoly, which is easily adjustable and gives better comfortability. This XL bars metal material makes it easy to cut and is perfect for any type of rider. The CNC-milled aluminum high-quality triple clamp or 3-bolt clamps also keep the bars in place by providing more clamping power.

What We Liked
  • Great quality materials
  • Great compliments for a skate park Smooth and quick
  • Solid wheels for pro riding
  • Super tight Strong full aluminum deck
  • Durable and lightweight body
  • The triple clamp provides more clamping power.
  • 4130 Chromoly Classic T bars
  • Aluminum hic wheels
  • A wide handle keeps a balance
What We Didn’t Like
  • Very light but flimsy
  • The brake is not adjustable
  • Not adjustable handlebars
Buying guide

Overall, this pro scooter works well for your needs. Mayhem Phantom Pro V2 is a collection built to shred the skate parks as well as streets. While slowing down scooters without causing flat spots and while staying dialed for miles, this Mayhem Steel brake gives an impressive response to riders. Aluminum compression and semi-hollow hic wheels also provide remarkable rides while scooting.

05. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Are your kid’s entry-level riders? Wants to love to do stunts and tricks? Fuzion X-3 is another primary starter and one of the most wanted pro scooters among kids who love to do stunts. Fuzion X-3 is a remarkable, secure, and high-quality stunt scooter especially recommended for those who are looking to build their skills. This pro scooter is a combination of high materials and features, which is difficult to find at this low price.

It came into the market with a 20 x 4-inch aluminum concave deck with a steel frame. This material makes it lightweight and robust to do mad stunts in the skate park. Features with 18-inch solid steel batwing-shaped handlebars with hand grips. This extra soft pro grip ensures maximum control, and comfort, and even absorbs more of the shock when doing the trick.

 Another wow factor of this scooter is its features of a heavy-duty and smooth IHC compression system. That means the Fuzion x3 Pro takes no time to put together.  It’s 100mm Fuzion Metalized ABS Composite PU hub Wheels and ABEC 9 Bearings deliver uncompromising spin performance. New custom Nylon/Steel brake also gives sturdy, quiet, and smooth brake while doing stunts and tricks. ether. By tightening only three bolts of the scooter, your kids can start riding in no time.

What We Liked
  • Great for beginners to intermediate level riders who love to perform tricks
  • Solid wheels for pro riding
  • Sturdy aluminum wide deck and neck
  • Durable body
  • IHC compression system
  • Steel V-bars handlebars
  • Modest maneuver
  • Have seven different colors
  • Soft grip handlebars
  • Easily assemble
What We Didn’t Like
  • Poor stock bearing
  • The brake is not adjustable
  • Not adjustable handlebars
Buying guide

As a parent, you are always thinking about kids’ safety and comfortability while doing mad stunts at the skatepark. Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter is that one that can remove your anxiety. This Strong, sturdy, and excellent look scooter enters the market by balancing quality with affordability perfectly. Its lightweight deck and easy-to-put-together features make it one of the best-selling products among kids to teenagers.

06. Envy One Series 2 Complete Scooter

Envy is an Australian renowned pro scooter company name in the world of scooter riders and its lovers. Their Envy One Series 2 Complete Scooter is an upgrade version of their line of pro scooters that change to nylon brake (rather than metal) designed for the younger rider and the right level up from other scooters. This 7lbs weighty scooter can easily take a maximum weight capacity of 220lbs.

This entry-level scooter is 100mm in diameter and has five metal cores spoke wheels with ABEC 9 Bearings with a Durometer Reading of 86A PU. This outlook makes the scooter so strong and gives a better and smooth riding experience for the entry-level rider. Upgraded Nylon Bolt-on Brake can take too much pressure in immediate braking and offers a flexible and stable riding experience. It came into the market with a 19.5″ extender and 4.7” wide 6061-T6 aluminum deck with a foot space of 14″. This construction makes it lightweight, completely tough, worn and tears proof to do mad stunts in the skate park.

The 21.7″ high and 20.5″wide Matted Black High Tensile Two-Piece Steel Bars make this scooter significantly upgraded, and it becomes incredible for entry-level Scooter riders to hold the extra-wide foam handgrip around while doing tricks. For beginner-level scooting, the 4130 Chromoloy TIG Welded IHC Forks features makes the long-lasting scooter Lightweight and durable.

What We Liked
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Remarkable Grips of handlebars
  • Great for the beginner rider for an Easy ride
  • One-piece welded steel T-bar handlebar ensures comfort
  • Solid and long-lasting construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Gives a faster ride
  • Great for whips
  • IHC compression system
  • Comes in six different color
What We Didn’t Like
  • Comparatively small deck
  • Not fast wheels because of larger diameter
  • Problem with handlebars
Buying guide

Envy one is excellent for any beginner-level riders for practicing making tricks and stunts. Newly Designed Front Plate, Rear Deck Inserts, Completely customizable features, Speedy riding, freestyle stunt both Skate Park or street, and the 2018 Envy Rear Spacer System are fantastic and makes it the best pro scooter under 100 in today’s market. Overall, this budget-friendly scooter is a good fit for both entry-level riders and teenagers.

07. Pulse Performance Scooter – Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter

The Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter is another best entry-level trick scooter for kids above five years and up or who weigh up to 140 pounds. This 2-wheeled scooter can be Beginners and Entry Level rider’s best friend for a start learning tricks and stunts. This pro scooter comes in the market with all the essential features needed to initiate your kid into scooter riding at a lower price than others.

This 2-Wheeled freestyle kicks scooter offers the beginner’s confidence and greater control for riding and doing stunts because of its oversized handlebars. Reinforced 6000 series heat-treated aluminum deck makes the bike sturdy and durable by allowing grinding and doing tricks with ease for small feet. Moreover, a fully covered grip tape deck ensures non-slipping feet and can take a lot of abuse and stunts at the skatepark with ease.

The kR2 has 100mm core urethane wheels with ABEC 5 bearings. ABEC 5 bearings are the best fit for beginners because it ensures smooth riding when doing stunts. This trick scooter is also built for keeping safety in mind. Its wheels come with an Intuitive flat spring-steel brake. Even on the rear foot, this best trick scooter allows the rider safe and smooth quick stopping.

What We Liked
  • Super affordable price
  • Lightweight deck
  • Solid durable and sturdy construction
  • Great for grinding
  • Flexible brake
  • Perfect for Beginner and Intermediate
  • Easy to control and ride.
  • Strong Neck tube
  • Easy to assemble
What We Didn’t Like
  • Spring break creates noise
  • Can carry up to 140 pounds so not for adult
  • Short handlebars
Buying guide

If you’re super tight on your budget, then PPP KR2 is for you. This pro scooter comes with all the necessary features and is one of the popular models on the current market. Robust build and structure, oversized handlebar, high-impact urethane wheels, and extended spring-steel break make Pulse Performance Products KR2 easy to control, and can be an excellent gift for the child.

Trick Scooter’s Buying Guide

The Trick scooters are entirely different from the regular bike. They are more durable than a regular scooter and explicitly designed for performing tricks and very riding. If you are planning to buy the right and suitable trick scooters for your kids or yourself, you have to consider some essential factors before buying Best Trick scooters. This Buying Guide will help find the Best Trick scooters on the market.

01. Grips

Grips are essential parts of the trick scooter. It ensures security for the rider, so he does not slip his feet. If the scooter grip is too slippery, then it is impossible to do tricks and stunts. Then your kids will lose control and get injured. So before buying a trick scooter, you have to ensure that the scooter’s deck comes with grip tape. Grip tape enhances the traction on the deck and prevents the higher risk of falling when performing tricks.

02. Bars

Trick scooters are mainly for performing tricks and stunts. Doing proper handling on a tricks scooter, the handlebar is the original grip. So, choose trick scooters with a non-adjustable handlebar, whether it is V-bar, T-bar, or Y-bar, because they will remain fixed when doing stunts. Whether it is steel and aluminum bars, the standard diameter (STD) of the bar is 1¼”. But over-sized (OS) diameter1 3/8″ is also available in the market.

03. Fork 

The fork is another important arguably part of the scooter because basically, it is the part of the bike that holds the front wheel in place. Usually, for a trick scooter, it is an essential part. Whether it may be small, it has to absorb a lot of force and has to handle a lot of stress when landing a trick. So, the sturdy fork is of the utmost importance when it comes to trick scooters. There are two different types of forks, such as the threaded fork and the threadless fork. When it comes to trick bikes, the threadless forks tend to be better than the threaded ones. Because it can offer a maximum amount of strength when performing and endure the maximum amount of weight and pressure from tricks.

04. Clamp

Another essential but relatively small component of the scooter is the clamp. The clamp does a very demanding job for the trick scooter. It holds the scooter’s bars and forks together. So that they can rotate in sync and do not slip apart from each other. There are many different styles of clamps available in the market, such as double, triple, and quadruple clamps. Whatever it is, it’s crucial to have a solid one because it comes under a lot of pressure during tricks.

05. Deck

In a trick scooter, a durable, comprehensive, reliable, and long-lasting layer deck is a central piece of the scooter. Because this is the foot place where the feet will be on almost 100% of the time. When selecting a trick scooter deck, you have to consider the size of the person riding it and how big are their feet. While performing tricks, you have to make sure that both feet will fit comfortably on the deck and be able to place quickly. Adequate foot space gives comfortable enough on a scooter to perform tricks. A steel or aluminum deck with a size of 50 cm long and 10 cm in width gives total control of scooting.

06. Headset 

Another significant part of the trick scooter is the headset, whether it is non-integrated or Integrated and sealed or unsealed. Performing different tricks on a trick scooter entirely depends upon the headset of the scooter. For a trick scooter, a sealed integrated headset is the essential part because it enables the fork tube to rotate within the head tube. Threadless fork and compression systems will also require in this headset because it gives the scooter a pretty smooth operation.

07. Height

In a trick scooter, the height of the bike is another crucial part. Consider measuring the height of the scooter, which means the total height of the handlebars is according to the user’s height. If the accurate height is tall or short, both heights do not meet the person’s height, then it not only affects the overall handling of the scooter but also can be harmful to the user’s health.

08. Weight

The primary purpose of a trick scooter is to perform different tricks and stunts. So the scooter needs to be lightweight but also durable and sturdy. Less heavy but sturdy trick scooters will be simple for kids to control and use to prevent unnecessary damage and accident. The weight capacity is essential for a trick scooter because it does not only support the weight of the rider, and the frame of the scooter but also needs to support some of the shocks that come with rapidly landing from jumps and tricks.

09. Pegs

Pegs are not a necessary component for a scooter, instead, it’s accessories. But here as we talk about trick scooters so performing more stunts or tricks on tricks scooters, is essential. By installing pegs on the front and rear wheels, the riders can do stall tricks like the ice pick. It is balancing the entire weight of the rider to perform a relatively easy method. But before installation, it also has to make sure the right equipment so that the wheels can support these additional pegs.

Safety Gear of Trick Scooters

As a rider or a conscious parent, these questions must arise in your mind, right?

Well, always consider safety while riding Scooters, whether it is a regular scooter or electric scooter, or best Trick Scooters. Children like to spend time outdoors doing stunts and tricks. They become fascinating. But it becomes excessively hazardous without appropriate safety gear and protected wear. Safety must come first while doing stunts and tricks. To guarantee full protection, great looks, and a comfortable ride the rider has to Wear these Safety Gear when Riding a Trick Scooters-

01. Helmets

Helmets are the essential piece of safety equipment while riding Scooters, whether it is standard scooters or electric scooters or Trick Scooters. To protect the head from slamming against the ground or walls, it is essential to wear a properly fitted helmet. It protects the head from any serious injury while falling from the scooter.

02. Knee Pads

Knee pads give protection from cuts and scrapes while performing tricks and stunts. When doing stunts, it may cause unnecessary or accidental falls from the scooter, but if the rider has knee pads, they give the option to safely bail and prevent more severe injuries. By wearing Knee Pads, passengers can easily slide without any fear of cuts or damage.

03. Elbow Pads

It is the same as knee pads. Elbow pads protect the elbow from cuts and scrapes from unnecessary or accidental falls from a scooter. They also allow the rider to slide and help to control falls from the bike. By wearing Elbow Pads, passengers can easily slide without any fear of cuts or injury.

04. Wrist Straps

While performing tricks and stunts, the riders also have to use their wrist and palms to prevent twisting the wrist, and any unwanted injury falls from a scooter. Wrist Straps help the passenger to get hurt in the wrists and palms during a fall. It also stops them from twisting.

 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What Is A Pro Scooter?

Answer: A Pro scooter is that type of bike that is mainly used for tricks, stunts, and vert riding. These are more durable, more weighty, and sturdy than a regular kick scooter. Usually, this scooter is simply scooters that are fixed that means cannot be folded, has an advanced compression system, metal core wheels for doing jump and stunts, and are height adjusted.

Question: Why are metal wheels better than plastic wheels?

Answer: Plastic wheels have a short lifespan and are cheap. They are mainly used in beginner-level regular scooters Whereas Trick scooters are used for freestyle riding purposes. So, metal core wheels are best for these scooters.  Investing in metalcore wheels will ensure a long-term lifespan on a scooter instead of fixing them.

Question: Why are Trick Scooters more expensive than other scooters?

Answer: The manufacturing of Trick Scooters is very different from other scooters. The manufacturers of Trick scooters use stronger and more durable materials to build a pro scooter. As pro scooters are used for tricks and stunts, more reliable and durable materials are necessary to ensure the rider’s safety while riding. Without compromising foremost safety issues, manufacturers made specifically for better practice and to be able to execute the best tricks.   

Question: Where to ride scooter?

Answer: You can ride on a trick scooter anywhere you want. As trick scooting is freestyle, so the rider has to perform different stunts or skills that require more space. The best place to perform trick scooting is a local skate park.

Question: What makes the difference between a trick Scooter vs regular scooter?

Answer: wheels are the main difference between a regular and a trick Scooter. Usually, Standard scooters are used for everyday purpose personal use, so it comes with plastic or rubber wheels for riding. While pro scooter is mainly for doing jump, stunts, or tricks, so they are designed to be stronger than a regular scooter and come with metal core wheels such as alloy wheels, solid polycarbonate core wheels, or alloy aluminum wheels.

Bottom Line

After reading the complete article on Best Trick Scooter for 10 year old: Choose the Best one; we think you have gathered enough knowledge about which one to buy. As the trick scooter is different from a regular scooter so before purchasing the best stunt scooter for your kids, teenager, or even adults, don’t forget to consider the Trick Scooter’s Buying Guide. Durable metal core wheels, grip tape on deck, sealed integrated headset all the extraordinary features will increase the control of the scooter.

Well, we hope this list will be given you a better idea about the best trick scooter for 10 year old out there today in the market, and by considering this, all you need to start to buy the best one and continue the trick scooting journey.

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