Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old – Depth Reviews

Have you ever noticed that while your child is scooting, they are just walking around, or are they skating in the skate park? If they try to do tricks or stunts, then they need the best stunt scooter for 12 year old kids.

Trick or stunt scooters are becoming more popular among all types of people, especially children to young adults. Nowadays skating is not for fun but it becomes an entertaining sport among teenage kids. Plus, scooting helps to keep the body fit and make the mind refreshed and delighted and riding with joy and fun, although it may take some time to learn it at first.

When purchasing a Trick Scooter for the first time, we suggest maintaining some outstanding features. Because if your scooter is not well-developed and robust, it can happen an unpleasant and severe accident and can impede your child’s overall development. If your kids want to do tricks or stunts or they want to improve themselves, then you are in the right place. Here we discussed in detail the Best scooter for 12 year old kids.

There is a difference between a stunt scooter and an ordinary or usual scooter. First, you have to know what a stunt scooter is.

Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Olds

Here in this article, we have reviewed the Best stunt scooter for 12 year old kids. I think this article will be helpful for you to choose the right one. So don’t be late and let’s get started.

01. Phoenix Force Pro Scooter

Technical Specification
  • Brand: Phoenix
  • Model Number: B077JBJXNX
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Age Limit: for Kids Teens Adults
  • Handlebar: 22.8″ Tall x 22.8″ Wide
  • Brake Style: Rear Braking
  • Deck: 4.5″ Wide x 19.5″ Long
  • Wheel Size: 110 Millimeters
Phoenix Force Pro Scooter

If your kid is a serious freestyle rider who wants to develop skills in scooting but also wants a robust, durable, and quality scooter, then Phoenix Force Pro Scooter is just for him. The model is best for both beginners and advanced riders. It is a high-quality professional scooter famous for its Reventon deck, durable construction, and lightweight design and weights.

Riders can easily do mastering tricks or create new ones because of its 4.5″ wide and 19.5″ long extremely well-balanced deck. Also equipped with a head tube decal, mini HIC fork and 100mm wheels with ABEC 9 Bearings gives the rider a smoother and faster ride. For a growing number of riders, this scooter has a 22.8-inch long and 22.8-inch wide T-style handlebar. It can be upgraded at any time.

What we liked

  • Lightweight Scooter
  • Wide, Quiet, smooth, and comfortable handlebar
  • Easy to assemble

What we didn’t like

  • Bearings are bad

Final Verdict

Overall this Phoenix Force Pro Scooter is perfect for kids who still want to develop a skill.  Because of its upgrade-friendly parts, this model is ideal for them.

02. Hurtle Folding Kick Scooter

Technical Specification
  • Brand: Hurtle
  • Model Number: HURTSBU.5
  • Frame Material: 20% Steel + 80% Alloy
  • Age Limit: up to Adult
  • Handlebar: Foldable, Adjustable
  • Wheel: Polyurethane, 15 Inches
Hurtle Folding Kick Scooter

The Hurtle Kick compact scooter has been stated, to be robust, lightweight, versatile, and cost-effective. This Scooter will expand with your child for several years with adjustable handlebars. This Scooter has a front suspension mechanism, which cushioned the Scooter against road conditions. This guard will help shield your Scooter from gravel, mud, or dust.

Highlighted Features:
Wheel size:

The Hurtle Renegade Business for Adventure Teenagers’ two-wheel Kick Scooter is Hurtle Scooter. This Blue teenager scooter is built with a simple folding feature to be folded and unfolded without any equipment. This is one of Scooter’s best features. This Scooter has a flexible dimension and color scheme for children, young people, and adults.

Weight with dimension:

It has a lightweight alloy non-slip deck including shock resistance that supports fluid gliding up to 12.11 lbs. Tricks like tail whips and slides are simple to execute. With its unique theme, this entry-level model is unbeatable. Our kick scooter for teenagers folds down to just 15 inches.

Brakes with excellent grip:

This Scooter features an aluminum brake with a reflect that absorbs the moving system’s energy. It has soft rubber excellent grips that improve convenience, stability, and strength whereas keeping the ride smoother.

The speed with safety:

The Scooter can have adjusted to three different sizes for your comfort because of the height of this kick scooter. The Scooter is durable with high-quality, high-performance, and stable brakes, which assess speed in a scooter and provide protection. This method differs from other models, which attract riders with footrests, safety guards, front suspension, folding press, and enhanced bifurcation. The Scooter ensures quick and enjoyable handling, equilibrium, and balance in even urban areas. A scooter has been built for a smoother and more consistent ride.

T bar Handlebar with great Adjustability:

The Scooters provided The T-bar handlebar with a smoother ride, which increases comfort, size, and strength. Three different handlebars to be adjusted in height. The teenage Scooter has a critical adjustable mechanism. This folding stand kick scooter has a lean-to-steer feature for a fast and steady ride, with flexible height requirements. The Scooter in a pro style is accessible in multiple colors.

This incredible folding Scooter has been technically updated by the manufacturer with comfortable gliding wheels, a lightweight aluminum deck, and lean-to-steer functionality. What we liked

What we liked
  • The Scooter has a height scale that can have customized in three different ways.
  • It has rubberized soft-grip handles and an extra-large slip-free deck.
  • The Scooter provides a unique riding experience with its lean-to-steer features.
  • It allows you to fit both feet into the scooter when riding comfortably.
  • This teen scooter has created with a simple folding system in mind.
What we didn’t like
  • It is very heavy, which is one of the essential drawbacks.
  • It is not suitable for rough terrain.         
Final Verdict

One of the fundamental reasons to like this Scooter is Its excellent price tag which gives you great value for money. The Scooter is easier to travel and compact. This innovative Scooter is excellent for anybody with short, accessible push-up folders and belts. In general, this is a perfect scooter for any rider who wants outdoor fun and adventure.

03. Razor Beast Kick Scooter – best kick scooter for 12 year old

Technical Specification
  • Brand: Razor
  • Model Number: Beast Scooter
  • Frame Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Age Limit: Ages 8 and older
  • Weight Limit: 220 pounds
  • Handlebar: Width 17.75″, height 21.5″
  • Deck: 19″ (485mm), 4″ (100mm)
  • Wheel: 100 Millimeters
Razor Beast Kick Scooter

Razor Beast Kick Scooter is the most popular and best scooter for eight or above years old children. The famous American Razor company manufactures this scooter. It comes with the stamped steel rear brake which provides a smoother, more flexible braking system and builds up speed.  As well as fixed riser soft rubber grips style handlebar with extra width and rigid downtube gives your children comfortable to hold and helps to perform tricks and maintain stability and balance whether it is street or park.

The super-strong aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube deck makes the scooter sturdy and durable. Plus, the scooter can carry a maximum weight of 220 lbs.  The Metalized 14 spoke 98-millimeters urethane wheels with RZR Pro 20 bearings ensure optimal speed with a smooth and comfortable ride.

What we liked

  • Stamped steel rear brake gives a Smooth & fast ride
  • Awesome grip tape design
  • CNC style steel fork for durability
  • Strong, Sturdy, and durable
  • CNC style steel fork

What we didn’t like

  • Loose Grip tape
  • Not adjustable handlebar

Final Verdict

If you want a long-term scooter for your child, it is the right scooter with quality and durability. Having some drawbacks Overall it is the right scooter.

04. Pulse Performance Freestyle Scooter

Technical Specification
  • Brand: Pulse
  • Model Number: KR2
  • Frame Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel
  • Age Limit: 5 years and older
  • Weight Limit: 140 lbs
  • Brake Style: Rear Braking
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
Pulse Performance Freestyle Scooter

Pulse Performance Products is another reputed brand for making scooters for kids, and KR2 Freestyle Scooter is one of them. KR2 Freestyle Scooter is a two wheels scooter for beginners who are just getting to learn how to ride a scooter. As it is best for five years and above kids but it can weigh up to 140 pounds. It is one of the best absolute freestyle pro scooters at an affordable price.

It features with Heat-treated, reinforced 6000 series aluminum deck and steel frame making the scooter sturdy, and durable and allowing STUNT and grinding so easily. By using a flat spring-steel rear foot brake, your Kids can easily quickly stop the scooter and avoid extreme bumps and terrain shifts. Pro silicon grips and oversized handlebars give constant control at all times both on the street or scooter park.

Because of the grip tape, your baby’s foot will be easily stuck to the deck of the scooter. This scooter gives smooth, consistent and dependable riding to your child because of its Zero-maintenance 100mm solid core urethane wheels with ABEC-5 bearings.

What we liked

  • Easy to assemble. Solid Construction
  • Quickly stop brake. Lightweight deck
  • Easy to ride and control
  • Perfect for Beginner. Strong Neck tube

What we didn’t like

  • Short handlebars

Final Verdict

KR2 Freestyle Scooter is another entry-level pro scooter for kids. Kids who want to do tricks and stunts can easily choose this. It’s a long-lasting scooter with quality and an affordable price.

05. Arcade Pro Scooters – Stunt Scooter

Technical Specification
  • Brand: Arcade
  • Model / Part Number: A5000
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Age Limit: 8 Years and Up
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Deck: 6061-T6 Aircraft aluminum deck
Arcade Pro Scooters

The Arcade Pro Scooter is one of the most popular freestyle scooters that are stormy taking place in freestyle scooter games and is popular with most kids. A solid Concave Deck, Strong 3D Stamped Forks, Custom Neck, Smooth Bearings, and Dynamic Design make this lightweight scooter very durable, safe, and perfect for beginners and Intermediate riders to do beginner smoothly to pro-level tricks.

The coolest thing about this new model is it has ABEC 7 rated bearings for an incredibly smooth and quiet riding experience. Along with this, it comes with customizable 3D stamped Steel forks and Rear Nylon/steel brakes with which you can easily customize 100mm Polycarbonate Aluminum wheels for 110mm. 17.5 inches long and 4 inches wide 6061-T6 Aircraft aluminum deck and IHC Compression make it lightweight but sturdy and durable enough to carry up to 220 lbs.

A 7.5lbs lightweight scooter is equipped with a 22.5” high T Bar with 117mm rubber handgrips that enhanced the comfort, grasp, and control by ensuring a smoother, quieter ride. Also, the scooter is dialed to ride by tightening two bolts.

What we liked

  • Lightweight and smooth deck
  • ABEC 7 rated bearings
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Requires only two bolts to be tightened
  • Available in different types of color
  • Suitable for Beginner and Intermediate rider
  • Easy to control and ride
  • Four different Cool graphics design
  • Easy to store
  • Take up to 220 lbs.

What we didn’t like

  • A little bit difficult to assemble the scooter

Final Verdict

The Arcade trick Scooter is a very well-made and affordable ride scooter that smoothly transitions kids from beginner to pro-level tricks. While riding, fresh graphics and a wide selection of different colors will give your kids an ultra-cool look than everyone else rattles around scooters.

06. Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters

Technical Specification
  • Brand: Fuzion
  • Model Number: Z250
  • Frame Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel
  • Age Limit: Kids 8 Years and Up
  • Weight Limit: 220 lbs
  • Handlebar: 21 Inches
  • Deck: 6061 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum 4.25″ x 19.5″ Deck
  • Wheel Limit: 220 lbs
Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters

Another entry to intermediate level scooter from Fuzion. Like Z300 this Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter is relatively safe and Designed in a way so that your child can handle any problem with tricks and stunts in the park or on the road.

This Fuzion Z250 scooter is quite similar to the above-mentioned Fuzion Z300. But there are a few differences. First is the deck. The deck of Z250 is a little bit smaller, which is it measures 4.25 inches in width and 19.5 inches in length. Then the hand bars. In Fuzion Z250 scooter it has no crossbar which is also known as gussets underneath. This little extra support makes the scooter stylish and remarkable. These are the only changes in the Fuzion Z250 scooter. Without it, the other feature is the same as Fuzion Z300.

What we liked

  • Strong, Durable and lightweight aluminum deck. No noise
  • Easy to control and ride
  • Strong Neck tube
  • IHC compression system
  • Entry to intermitted level scooter
  • Different colors with brand new graphics

What we didn’t like

  • A little bit more expensive than others
  • Sometimes bars are not fast to do tricks

Final Verdict

Overall, this scooter is worth the money. It is equipped with 110 mm aluminum core wheels with 88A PU outers with ABEC 9 bearings and a nylon brake, a chisel one-piece fork, and a drift riser bar which makes it one of the best stunt scooters on the market.

07. ​Albott Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter

Technical Specification
  • Brand: Albott
  • Model Number:
  • Frame Material: Aluminum & steel
  • Age Limit: Age: 8+ Years Old Kids, Teens, Adults
  • Weight Limit: Weighing less than 200lbs(100kg).
  • Deck: 19″L x 4.2″W cool pattern flat deck
  • Brake System: Steel Flex Brake
Albott Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter

For entrants and beginners, a compact scooter is convenient to use and manipulate. Not only can heavier scooters be insecure, but they may also conflict with a young rider’s ability to learn new tricks and mitigate the excitement of his sport.

These aluminum scooters Weigh just 7.3 lbs, great for newcomers.  The 3.9″ (100mm) rollers are PU + PC with high resilience and can give you a softer landing. The 19″L x 4.2″W cool pattern flat deck lets newcomers obtain a larger area and more comfortable learning stunts.

The 360° handlebar can be adjusted to ease those fun stunts for beginners and enterprising riders. The safe and efficient functioning of the steel fork and ABEC-7 bearings is probable. As slipping, rubber grasps give you a gentle and comfortable grip.

This great pro scooter would provide you with everything you need to be a Stunt Scooter Albott Aluminum Pro. A fantastic concept such as the Albott Pro Scooter means helping teenager riders to experience enjoyable times by riding the scooter.

Key Features:

  • The matt deck with a stylish pattern allows the beginner to hit a larger space and get safer stunts.
  • When falling, the rubber grips have a soft and simple grasp.
  • For the younger rider, this scooter is convenient to use.
  • For entrants and beginners, a lightweight motorbike is comfortable to use and manage.
  • This aluminum scooter is ideal for beginners with weights of just 7.3lbs.
  • Its super-strength handlebars have built with protection for comfort.
  • The stainless steel flex brakes have a powerful cutting performance.

What we liked

  • Ensure versatility and longevity.
  • It’s convenient for younger riders to use.
  • Built with handlebars of high strength.
  • Provide you with stable stopping power.
  • Comfort handles have a great attitude while on the street.

What we didn’t like

  • The bars of the handle did not connect to the framework adequately, which kept falling loose.
  • You will considerably reduce its lifetime when you intend to use it regularly.

Final Verdict

The major pro scooter gives you everything you like for the Albott Aluminum Pro Stunt Scooter. A fine concept such as the Albott Pro Scooter allows young riders who wish to develop their skills to enjoy scooter experiences. The scooter has aluminum and steel to boost riders’ riding skills, helping you reach maximum safety while riding and stunting.

08. VOKUL S-2 Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter

Technical Specification
  • Brand: Vokul
  • Model Number: S-2
  • Frame Material: Aircraft aluminum
  • Age Limit: Up 6 Years
  • Rider Weight Limit: 140 lbs
  • Bar Size: 19.5″ W X 23.8″
  • Deck Size: 4″  wide and 19″  long
VOKUL S-2 Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter

VOKUL Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter is an entry-level scooter for your baby that gives the basic idea of scooting and is an excellent scooter for learning. This scooter is for those who have no idea about scooting or who are just learning. This is suitable for 7-12-year-old kids. It is featured with threaded headsets which are good enough for carrying out some basic tricks like barspin, tail taps, and tailwhips in the park and streets and also ensure safety.

The 4 inches wide and 19 inches long deck is made of super-strong aircraft-grade aluminum which makes the scooter sturdy and durable. Plus, the scooter weighing 3.3 kg can carry a maximum of 140 pounds weight.  The 100mm high-quality PU material wheel ensures your child a smooth and comfortable ride.

Its medium carbon steel U- shaped wing style handlebar gives your children a triple clamp and is comfortable to hold grip. And also easily adjustable to 24 inches long and 20 inches wide. To looks attractive, this pro scooter has the company name and logo on the handlebar and has five different color options.

What we liked

  • Entry-level scooter
  • Lightweight and super-tough
  • Affordable price
  • Best for 7 to 14-year-old kids
  • Long-lasting and strong construction.
  • High- quality PU material wheel ensures a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Available in Different Colors & styles

What we didn’t like

  • Much heavy than other models
  • Bolts need to tighten every time

Final Verdict

The Vokul is an affordable pro scooter with attractive features. This scooter is best for simple tricks or just traveling around. As it is a freestyle pro scooter, so it’s easy to assemble. Your child can scoot and enjoy this scooter by tightening only three bolts in no time. Although it is not the best scooter, it is good enough for beginners.

09. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete

Technical Specification
  • Brand: Fuzion
  • Model Number: Z300
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Age Limit: 8 Years and Up
  • Weight Limit: 220 lbs
  • Handlebar Type: Steel Dip T-Bar
  • Brake: Nylon/Steel Custom Brake
Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete

Fuzion is another reputed brand of pro scooters, and their Z300 model is one of the famous and best-selling products among children. This (Fuzion Z300) Pro Scooter is an entry to the intermediate level scooter for those kids who are excellent in scooter riding and also gives durable and reliable scooting for a long time. Because of Aluminum Deck, it’s lightweight but can take up to 220 lbs. So it is as an adult scooter too!

Its 4.5 inches wide and 19.5 inches in length 6061-T6 220 lbs Deck has 3 degrees concave top and flat bottom design ideal for grinding, street performance and landing bigger tricks. The 110 mm aluminum core wheels with 88A PU outers and ABEC 9 bearings provide the perfect grip, strength and stability which are only found in professional’s scooters.

The IHC Compression system has Chromoly steel handlebars that are 23″ tall and 22″ wide Holding everything together, which gives the most stable ride. Its handles are also very comfortable and grippy. Also features a nylon brake, a chisel one-piece fork, and a drift riser bar. All these provide a smooth and comfortable ride with controlled steering.

What we liked

  • High-quality materials construction
  • Flexible brake
  • No noise
  • Lightweight deck
  • IHC Compression system
  • Easy to control and ride
  • Strong Neck tube

What we didn’t like

  • Little bit Expensive

Final Verdict

All in all, the Fuzion Z300 is a robust, durable and high-quality scooter with excellent performance. If your child is truly serious about scooting, then this scooter will come in handy, and your child learns and practice tricks and become experienced.

Things to Consider While Buying the best stunt Scooter for 12 year old

Whether you are going to buy a Stunt scooter, you must consider some essential factors which give you better support for a long time.


First, you have to make your intention. Why do I have to buy a scooter? Because a scooter is used for different purposes. It can use for transportation purposes, fun meaning, or scatting purposes. For different purposes, there are different types of scooters. So first choose your goal then buy a scooter.

Size and Age:

Size is an essential factor before buying a kick scooter because it gives the rider comfort. In the market, there are different sizes of a scooter. You have to purchase a scooter as per rider height, weight and age.


With advances in technology and design nowadays most scooters can fold easily except for pro scooters or some electric scooters. Because of this, features travelers can easily carry this scooter, or you can put it in your vehicle.


You have to choose the number of wheels in your scooter according to your child’s age and ability. Usually, Three and four wheels are for toddlers and young children. And two-wheel scooters are mainly for older children and adults, who have a good sense of balance. Bikes with Large and narrow wheels are suitable for unpaved roads, and it gives a smooth surface. But these scooters are usually slow and controllable. Small rubber or plastic wheels Scooters are suitable only for flat surfaces. So you can smoothly accelerate a scooter.

Both the small wheel and large wheel scooters are on the market. Small wheel scooters are for young children who are starting to learn to scoot. For older riders, large wheel scooters are recommended. The stability of a scooter depends on wheel width effects. The wider wheel is better for durability but gives less speed.


A “deck” of a scooter is the part you stand on. The deck should have enough space to place both feet. There are different sizes of the deck. The wider deck is massive, but it is easy to keep balance in it. When the deck is extensive, then while riding, you don’t have a problem with changing legs. The skinnier deck is lighter and provides more room to kick.

Some decks is made with taper features which are it’s wide in the front to keep balance but thinner in the back to kick when riding. Also, have to make sure there’s some grip on the deck for better footing.

The durability of a deck also is essential. To enjoy long rides, a solid deck gives you much fun. But a lightweight deck is compactable and portable. By keeping your comfort in mind, you have to choose between these two versions. So check the deck and make sure it’s best for your child’s riding experience.


Usually, Handlebars are designed in T-shape. Consider buying an adjustable Handlebar so you can adjust it as the kids grow. If you have two or more kids, then adjustable Handlebars also save your money, because they are riding the same scooter by adjusting Handlebars.

When making height adjustments must learn how the bar unlocks and locks in place. Most have a quick-release clip. Pull to unlatch, make the adjustment, and push the clip to lock it back in place. Also, some handlebars require a tool to make adjustments. When making changes need a tool, most of the time, it will come in the box. Usually, there are two types of Hand-grips, such as rubber or foam. Both are used as per your preference.

Grip tape:

When you are going to buy a scooter, you must obtain a scooter with grip tape. Grip tape is an essential thing for your scooter because it keeps your feet on the deck. If you do stunts, then it is a must. It helps you to stay on the deck. Without grip tape, your feet will slip around and happen an accident. It also helps to add some style and color match with your scooter.


To ensure safety, brakes are essential factors in a scooter. The most popular braking system used in a bike is a hand brake or rear-wheel foot brake. Whichever scooter you go to buy, make sure to practice the braking system until they become hung.

Weight and Portability:

Before buying a scooter must consider Weight and Portability as they are related to each other. If your bike is Lightweight and foldable, then it gives you the proper portability. Most riders like Lightweight scooters because it easy to carry whether it is at home or in public and are best for those who travel frequently.

Speed and Control:

Before buying a scooter, especially an electric bike tries to go for a different speed level scooter because it gives you comfortable use without any problem. Moreover, the different speed level of the scooter gives you smooth control of your scooter.

Price and Affordability:

Before buying any type of scooter, the price is always an essential factor for any buyer. The price depends on the scooter’s various of different features, brand name and quality. So before purchasing a good and quality scooter you must consider your affordability.

Overall Build Quality:

Depending on the price, different types and quality scooters are available in the market. Such as aircraft-grade aluminum construction which is lightweight and durable and steel construction which is also dependable but a little heavy. Usually, aluminum construction will cost you a bit more than steel construction.

Replacing Parts:

As a scooter is made of multiple components scooter, so you have to buy the one which spare parts are available on the market. As they are for everyday use, so they can break or be unusable. So if a spare part is available in the market, then you can quickly fix it without throwing it.

Safety Features:

Consider safety features when buying a scooter. Though it is a simple tool for everyday use, it can be risky for those who perform tricks with the scooter. Because there are chances of injuries. You must buy a bike which builds with a view to the safety of the users.

What to Wear When Riding Stunt Scooters?

It is incredible and exciting to do stunts and tricks on stunt scooters. But it is quite dangerous without maintaining proper safety. Here are some advice and tips for defending yourself. So when your kids do a stunt, they must wear and use this protection for their safety, good looks and comfortable rides.


When you are doing Skate Park. This is perfect for showing you a skater and also for protecting you when you fall.


when riding a scooter if the conditions are too hot or if you don’t like wearing jeans, then shorts will be the only choice.


Choosing the right skate Shoes is famous for stunt scooters. Because these skate shoes give you grip stability as well as comfort.


Jeans are one of the best dressings for scooting. Wear comfortable and adequate loose jeans when the weather is not too hot. Because jeans will provide a sufficient level of protection if you fall or slip.


You can wear any t-shirts you like. When scooting it is the best comfortable wear. In the market, you found fashionable t-shirts which will give you the skater look and surprise your friends.

Safety Gear:

This is the priority when scooting a scooter. Without it, you can’t imagine scooting such as hard helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and shin pads. Some think it is unfashionable, but even professionals don’t forget to wear safety gear. So must wear it and ride smartly and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What Is a Stunt Scooter?

Answer: Just like its name a stunt scooter is for doing tricks and stunts. Also known as trick scooters. A regular scooter is designed to move around in a fun way. But in it, your child can’t do any tricks because it is not safe and it isn’t intended to do much more. But if your child wants a stunts scooter, then you have to buy the right type, and you have to consider some factors.

Question: Which brands do you consider for getting an excellent pro scooter?

Answer: In the market, there are different brands with different qualities. But there are some popular brands that earned love and trust from the riders. Those are Fuzion, District, Razor, Phoenix, Lucky pro, etc.

Question: Which types of pro-scooters are suitable to buy? 

Answer: Usually, Complete scooters are best for almost all types of riders. But if you are taller and are bigger, then a custom scooter will be best for you.

Question: Why Stunt Scooter is different from a standard scooter?

Answer: A Pro Scooter is different from a regular scooter because it is designed in a way so that riders can easily do stunts or tricks and also can maintain a safe and sturdy ride.

Question: Is Stunt Scooters more expensive than other scooters?

Answer: Yes, Stunt Scooters are more expensive than other scooters because it is designed differently. It is made from durable and robust materials to do stunts and tricks and to do more practice by ensuring the safety of the rider.

Question: Where you can ride a scooter?

Answer: You can anywhere you want. But it is not mean you are disturbing your neighbor by playing scooter. If you’re going to perform stunts or tricks, you can skate in the park.

Final Thoughts

If your kids are adventurous people, then the best stunt scooter will be an excellent gift for him/her. It will give them amazing enjoyment and also improve their activities. To minimize the chances of accidents or injuries, Proper maintenance is an important thing to consider. But always the first consideration should be safety. So when you buy a trick scooter for kids must consider the security of your kids.

We know it is not easy to choose a perfect stunt scooter. But by reading this article, it is not a big deal to select the best stunt scooter. Here we reviewed the best stunt scooter for 12 year old kids, and we think you can quickly choose the right one and without hesitating, you’ll also agree with us. Lastly, we like to say, Happy shopping!

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